Wife stabs ex-hockey player
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In a horrific incident, a mother of two was allegedly raped and killed by a Russian teenager. According to reports, the 41-year-old victim is said to have died after the teenager forced a car jack inside her private parts almost tearing out the womb.

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The 19-year-old Danil Cheshko was arrested by the police for attacking Svetlana Sapogova. The victim had taken a lift from her the teen, who raped her with a jack. The victim had gone to Saratov in southern Russia to attend a friend's funeral.

The attacker confessed to his crime to the police. Sapogova died after the attacker inserted a car jack inside her vagina and opened it. During the interrogation, it was revealed that Cheshko tore off the victim's clothes brutally harming her.

He then left her in the car. Passersby noticed her lying in the pool of blood and alerted the police and called an ambulance. She had already lost a lot of blood. She was alive when she reached the hospital and doctors even operated her through the night, but her injuries were too severe. She succumbed later.

"The car jack was found on the back seat of the car next to Svetlana. It was all covered in blood. Now it is being examined by police. Svetlana lost 3 liters of blood. Her crotch was ripped out. He left her in the car to die and fled. Doctors made surgery all night through and twice resuscitated her. He was caught immediately and he confessed everything," a friend of the victim said, according to local media reports.

Sapogova is survived by two children – a girl aged 13, and a boy aged 11.