Wife stabs ex-hockey player
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A 55-year-old woman was brutally killed in Germany ahead of Christmas during a bizarre "sex game" by a couple who later tried to flee from the country, according to investigators.

The woman, who was tortured to death, is identified as Marianne M, while the accused are identified as 36-year-old Taifun S and his 27-year-old companion Jasmin P. The couple reportedly met Marianne at an online forum for people with kinky sex preferences, German media reported citing investigation.

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Taifun and Jasmin rented an apartment on Föhrer Straße in Berlin for the sexual encounter and met Marianne over there. The couple later tortured her for hours before brutally killing her. According to the local media, the couple dragged her body from the fourth floor and then through the dirty backyard of an old building before dumping it.

Marianne's body, which was wrapped in a blanket, was discovered on December 23 by a passer-by. Initial reports suggested that the woman died after being subjected to "massive violence."

The couple, after killing the woman, tried to flee the country. Taifun and Jasmin were planning to go to Turkey, but they were detained at the Berlin-Schoenefeld airport on December 29.

Police said that Taifun and Jasmin were quite infamous for their criminal record. According to reports, Taifun's offences include drug trafficking, dangerous bodily harm, weapons law violations and theft, while Jasmin is known for theft and threatening people.

Taifun and Jasmin have been arrested and are in police custody now.

In another horrible incident, a sex game turned fatal when a man, identified as David Jeffers, in England accidentally shot a woman after placing the gun inside her vagina to fulfil the sexual fantasy. The woman survived but suffered life-changing injuries. Jeffers was sentenced to 10 years in jail for the act.

"You had deliberately placed that firearm inside her vagina and at the time it was discharged your finger was on the trigger although it was accepted that you did not deliberately pull the trigger," Judge John Potter said after announcing the verdict.