Ji Suk Jin
Actor and comedian Ji Suk JinInstagram

South Korean comedian and actor Ji Suk-Jin has been going through a tough time. The actor's father passed away on Thursday, June 21, due to chronic illness.

His agency confirmed that his father passed away and his entire schedule has been adjusted. "Ji Suk Jin is at the wake, and his schedule is being adjusted," the agency explained.

Even the variety show Running Man had changed the schedule and delayed the recording that was initially planned for June 25. They also rescheduled BLACKPINK's recording which was also set to take place on the same day.

"Hearing about the passing of 'Running Man' member Ji Suk Jin's father, the production team decided after discussion to delay the recording planned for June 25. The next recording date has not been scheduled yet," a source from SBS said, according to Soompi. "BLACKPINK's appearance has also been postponed due to the change in the recording schedule."

He will participate in the live broadcast of the show after his father's funeral and for time being Kim Shin-Young and Kim Hyun-Chul have covered the daily radio program.

Suk-Jin's father was not doing well for quite some time now and in 2017 during SBS Entertainment Awards, Suk-Jin had talked about his parents' health. "My mother and father are not feeling well. I feel they will be happy when they see me win this award, and I'm glad that I can be filial to them in this way," he said in 2017, according to media reports.

Another South Korean celebrity had lost his father earlier this year. EXO's Kai, whose real name is Kai Jong-in, was going through a tough time after his father passed away.

"Kai's father passed away yesterday due to a chronic illness. Kai is currently staying at the wake, and the funeral will be held quietly with family and relatives. We ask for your consideration so that the family can grieve his father's passing," Kai's agency had issued a statement on May 9.

Meanwhile, the fans of the actor took to social media to offer condolences to the actor.

"My condolences to his family, may his father rest in peace," one user tweeted. "Sending my sincere condolences to Ji Seokjin and his family," another user tweeted.