Song Ji Hyo
Pictured: Running Man star Song Ji HyoFacebook/Song Ji Hyo

South Korean actress Song Ji-Hyo, who is busy promoting her movie Wind Wind Wind, opened up about Running Man co-stars, why she is attracted to Kim Gun-Mo and why male stars of her show avoid her at award shows.

The Running Man actress had appeared on MBC FM4U's 2 O'Clock Date It's Ji Suk-Jin to promote her movie when she revealed that she is attracted to Kim Gun-Mo more than Kim Jong-Kook.

"Kim Jong Kook really takes care of his [physical health], so he doesn't really drink. Because of this, it took a long time to get close to him. I'm pretty lively, so I usually get close to people by drinking with them," she told host Suk-Jin.

She also revealed why her Running Man co-stars don't speak to her at any award shows.

Host Suk-Jin said, "Song Ji Hyo thinks of me as a younger brother, but I get surprised once a year. When she gets dressed up and comes to award shows, she feels like a stranger."

Ji-Hyo replied saying, "People are surprised when I even just do eye makeup. At award shows, male members of 'Running Man' don't speak to me and don't come over to me."

When Ji-Hyo was asked about her co-stars and if anyone is husband material, she responded no one.

"There is none at all. We've spent nine years together like blood-related brothers, so that's a very sudden question. I don't even want to think about it," she told Suk-Jin.

She also revealed that she was nicknamed Chupa Chups, which is also a popular lollipop brand in South Korea. She was called Chupa Chups because her head looked big.

Ji-Hyo's comedy film Wind Wind Wind is all set to release in theaters April 5.