Nandamuri Balakrishna in Ruler
Nandamuri Balakrishna in RulerTwitter

Director KS Ravikumar's Telugu movie Ruler, featuring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Vedhika and Sonal Chauhan in lead roles, has received mixed reviews and ratings from the audience around the world.

Ruler is an action film, with story and dialogues by Paruchuri Murali and screenplay by KS Ravikumar. C Kalyan has bankrolled the movie under the banners CK Entertainments and Happy Movies. The flick has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.30 hours.

Ruler movie story: The film is about businesswoman (Jayasudha), who adopts Dharma (Balakrishna) as a son to save her. She asks him to stay away from Uttar Pradesh, as she has had some bad experiences in the state. But circumstances force him to go to UP. However, Dharma has a different past as a dare-devil cop, who has to settle scores with some evil forces. How he takes revenge forms the crux.

Analysis: Ruler deals with a routine story with mass masala elements to woo Balakrishna's fans. Some comedy, romance and action scenes good in the first half of the movie. But things gor wrong, which makes its second half a terrible watch, say the audience.

Performance: Balakrishna has given an electrifying performance and his energy in action, comedy and dialogue dictions are the highlights of Ruler. Vedhika and Sonal Chauhan have done good jobs and their chemistry with Balayya is one of the attractions. Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Bhumika Chawla, Sayaji Shinde, Parag Tyagi and Nagineedu have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Ruler has decent production values and beautiful picturisation, music, well choreography of action and dance and punch dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the audience.

Ruler movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's tweet reviews.

Ruler movie poster
Ruler movie posterTwitter

SHARU @MrWatanabe_23

#Ruler except for Raghu Babu and co buthu comedy, 1st half adiripoindi. 2nd half matuku parama bore kottindi. Having said all that, I don't think any senior hero from any industry can match Balayya's energy levels. It was a treat watching him fight and dance onscreen. 2.75/5

urstruely uday @UdaykiranChowd7

#RulerStormBegins Nandamuri...Natasimham ...Balayya Babu's High Octane Action Movie...Ruler...Gets Positive and Decent Reports all Over..It Doesn't Stop until...Sankranthi Movies will Come... Congratulations to the #Ruler Team.. #RulerStormBegins

Jalapathy Gudelli @JalapathyG

#Ruler: A film with outdated ideas with hackneyed writing. I didn't find a single aspect worth mentioning. Such a bore.

NelloreReviews @nellore_reviews

#Ruler Decent 1st half. Good stuff for fans. #Balayya dances . Don't expect logics, only mass stuff.

Hanu @Hanu_news

#Ruler Senseless movie... But balayya good comedy piece. Rating : 0.5 out of 5 stars (0.5 only for balayya comedy. Or else 0)

venkyreviews @venkyreviews

#Ruler First Half Report: Decent first half  Balayya acting kummesadu Elevation scenes bane raseru! Dance aithe next level undhi! Padathadu song ki okkadu kuda seat lo undadu  Routine story, konni scenes lag unnai  2nd half decent unte inka BC centers lo rampage  #Ruler First Half Report: Decent first half  Balayya acting kummesadu   Elevation scenes bane raseru! Dance aithe next level undhi! Padathadu song ki okkadu kuda seat lo undadu  Routine story, konni scenes lag unnai  2nd half decent unte inka BC centers lo rampage

Madeesh Paladugu @urstrulyMadeesh

Good Concept and Simple Story line K.S Ravikumar Direction at his Best Good Comedy and Emotions Villanism is Also Good Fight scenes...are Good and Better than Jai simha Balayya Babu One Man show... Weak Climax... This Bgm is enough For This movie 3.25/5.Hittu #Ruler #Hit @Vedhika4u Good Acting In Ruler... Looking Gorgeous In Movie.. You just Nailed ur Character... Congratulations for The Ruler Success... #Ruler #RulerMania #NBK

Manoj Kumar @Manojkumarsayz

Block buster First Half Good Second Half Songs & Fights kekaaa Babai Energy Anantham #RulerDay #RulerStormBegins

K!RaN @KC8055

Good 1st Half Avg 2nd Half Balayya Babu Fans #Ruler !

Sai Anurag @SaiAnurag6

#Ruler Just now watched it! Except ballaya energy nothing else is there in the movie Outdated !!

NBK-MB Cult @NBK_MB_cult

#Ruler First half report _ Balayya Babu one man show Mass audience ke pandaga evaltenunchi Block buster     #RulerStormBegins

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#Ruler First Half: Tests Patience. His steps in ' Padataadu taadu song ' are very Good. His Tony Stark getup is much better of his other getups recently Rest of the movie is D grade crap

VAMSI KRISHNA @vamshiprematho

#Ruler Movie 1st half Completed... Movie super    Vintage balayya is back   

Abhinash @AbhinashYadav_

#Ruler  Frist Half Padthadu Song Vinayaka Theatre Banglore Full Celebrations Waiting 2nd Half

వివేక్.. @Viv1mallina

Not even a single bore moment... Padathadu on screen  Very good first half #Ruler songs in second half  Pure b, c second half stuff.... Hero ni dedication ki matram laal salam   #Ruler

DevaNTR @devaofficialll

#Ruler till now frst 20mnts  Balayya screen presence  Stylish look matram peaks  Ind lo unna... Foreign lo balayya mve lo unna okte  Jai Balayya Euphoria completely  Balayya rampage ✌ #Ruler Attt Bomma BLOCKBUSTER fr sure till now    Balayya One Man show... Ela swami aslu e age lo kuda ah energy   #JaiBalayya #Ruler #RulerStormBegins