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Robert Pattinson lands into trouble after his statement on the dog sex scene took the wrong turn. The Twilight actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his upcoming movie Good Time recently where he revealed some disturbing details from behind the scenes.

The actor told the TV show host that he was asked to masturbate on a dog in the movie but acted heroic revealing he put his foot down despite being called a coward by the director. After his statement went viral, many called out at the actor for doing the right thing. PETA issued a statement for his heroic act and shamed the director.

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However, the picture wasn't as true as the actor painted. Turns out, a day after he hogged the limelight, the actor rebutted his own statement. In a statement to E! News, the Pattison clarified his stand and shared that the whole statement was shared as a joke.

"The story I told on Jimmy Kimmel last night seems to have spiraled out of control. What didn't come across is that this was supposed to be a joke. No one at all expected or assumed that anything like that would happen on the 'Good Time' set. We are all huge animal lovers and would obviously never do anything to harm an animal," he said.

The actor's "to make Jimmy laughed" attempt turned out to be embarrassing for the cast and crew of the movie and not just him. TMZ shed some light on the scene and revealed that as soon as Pattison refused to touch the genitals of a dog, the director allowed him to perform the scene with a prostate dog penis.

Ever since the confession, the internet has been on fire and accusing the actor for trying to cash in some publicity for his upcoming movie.

Pattison's initial statement was: "There's this one scene, which we shot, which basically, there's a drug dealer who busts into the room and I was sleeping with the dog and basically giving the dog a h–d job." The actor apparently turned down doing the scene and claimed that the director called him a pussy for doing so.

What do you think was this an attempt to create a buzz about the movie or do you believe he was joking. Let us know in the comments section below.

Good Time releases on August 11.