Rishi Kapoor recently departed for his heavenly abode leaving his fans and family, particularly his wife Neetu Singh broken. The couple first met each other 46 years ago, on the sets of the film Zehreela Insaan in 1974. 

While the shooting of that film, Rishi fell in love with Neetu and he never left her side since then, until his sad demise. As fans come to a grip after the passing of such a legendary actor, on social media, old pics of the couple's marriage and their wedding card invitation is going crazy viral. 

Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh
Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh wedding cardTwitter

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh's love story

It was Rishi who made the first move towards Neetu. They had a really interesting love story at that time. 

In an earlier interview, the late actor had revealed how he fell for Neetu, and how she also reciprocated. He had said, "I remember I had an argument with my girlfriend at the time and I was very heartbroken. Trying to win her back, I had taken Neetu's help in writing telegrams to my girlfriend while the two of us were shooting for Zehreela Insaan'."

"As time passed, I began to realise that Neetu is the one for me as I began to miss her when I had gone to Europe for a shoot. Ironically, I sent her a telegram from Europe to Kashmir saying that I was thinking of her," Rishi Kapoor was quoted as saying by India Times. 

Neetu though, in one of her interviews revealed how the pair got off to the worst start possible. She revealed that she didn't have a good first impression of her future hubby. 

Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh
Rishi Kapoor and Neetu SinghTwitter

"I had a horrible first meeting with Rishi Kapoor. He had a habit of bullying, so he would comment on my make-up and clothes, and I'd feel so angry," said Neetu Singh

She further continued, "He was actually a brat who would bully everyone and I was very young at that time. I used to be furious with him."

Rishi and Neetu's wedding card goes viral

After a lot of ups and downs, the duo finally got married to each other in 1980. Their wedding card has somehow found it's way to the internet, and pictures of the invitation, as well as photos of Rishi and Neetu's reception, are also emerging on social media. 

Rishi Kapoor was an amazing actor, a great man, and an inspiration to his fans. His untimely death has upset a large majority of the film fraternity, and his fans as well. Chintu Ji will be missed forever!