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Filmmaker RGV, aka Ram Gopal Varma, has compared the Hyderabad woman veterinary doctor's rapists and murderers to wild dogs and said that there is no point in screaming for violent revenge and it is pointless to ask for brutal punishment for them.

A woman veterinary doctor was gang raped and murdered on Thursday night. The criminals were caught hours after her body was found on Friday. A barrage of outrage followed the incident and a group of people threw stones and attacked the police vehicle carrying the four murderers. They demanded the culprits should be hanged to death and they must be given severe punishment.

Social media was also abuzz, with millions of people including many celebs, across the country expressing their anger against the incident and urging for immediate punishment for the criminals. Ram Gopal Varma is one of the celebs who condemned the incident. The director, who is known for thinking differently, voiced his opinion on the punishment for the culprits in a different way.

In a series of tweets, Ram Gopal Varma described those criminals as wild dogs and said that violent revenge will not be sufficient for their act. He started, "The sensitivity of Dr.Priyanka's rapists will be lesser than wild dogs. Hence there's no point in screaming for violent revenge..It's pointless to ask for brutal punishment for wild dogs..instead effort should be on creating a sure safe atmosphere at vulnerable places for women."

Hyderabad Vat
Hyderabad Vat

Ram Gopal Varma feels that no such previous incident would ever inspire the next incident. He said, "No rapist ever learns from the fate of earlier rapists and we saw this from before Nirbhaya in 2012 till now. That's because they will not have the mental capacity to learn and fear the same way as a mad dog cannot learn from what happened to another mad dog."

Ram Gopal Varma is of the opinion that the fear of punishment would never stop the crime, because every person thinks that he will never be caught. So the director feels that there is need to understand what motivated a person to commit the crime and this will help to detect other potential rapists.

Here is the series of Ram Gopal Varma's tweets on the Hyderabad vet's rape and murder

In my tweets on Dr.Priyanka I dint mean that we should ignore the culprits like dogs ..The rapists should be treated like a disease and work in a scientific way to get them either out of the system or create safe environments to insulate vulnerable women from such attacks

To barrier so that it can't reach us or to kill it in cold blood or to cage it is the best way to deal with a dangerous snake..To get angry with it will have no effect and just by cutting it to pieces the next snake won't even know because it's incapable of knowing and thinking

Instead of impractical emotional outbursts of wanting to castrate them and burning them the concerned organisations should demand for a televised questioning of the rapists by psychiatrists and social scientists to understand what makes such people possible

Instead of just catching, punishing and forgetting till the next rape happens we as people should hear from their mouths why exactly they came to think of women like prey to be hunted so that by understanding those mindsets we can hope to detect other potential rapists

Fear of punishment can never stop any crime because a criminal by nature will believe that he will never be caught.. if he even thinks he might get caught he will never commit a crime.