Kannada TV actor rapes a TV actress
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Karanvir Bohra, Keerthy Suresh, Varun Sandesh, Sudheer Babu, Mehreen Pirzada, VV Vinayak, Lavanya Tripathi many other celebs are shocked and saddened over the heart-wrenching rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad woke up to hear the shocking news that the victim's body was found charred beyond recognition at Shadnagar. According to her family members, she had called them last night and told that her bike's tyre was punctured and that some locals had offered to help. They took her bike and left assuring her that they would repair it .

When they did not return, she called and informed her sister that this happened and that she was worried/scared. Her sister asked her to move to a more crowded area like toll booth to be safe. Later, when her family tried contacting her, her phone was switched off. The worried family went to the location mentioned and looked out for her, but didn't find her.

Her family members immediately filed a complaint with the police. This morning, a body charred beyond recognition was found in Shadnagar. The family identified the body with the help of a Ganesh locket that she was wearing. Her body was sent for the post mortem and the investigation is now underway.

Hyderabad has always been considered a safe city. But the gruesome murder has left the people of the city shocked, saddened and disturbed. Many citizens took to Twitter to condemn this heinous act and some celebs also expressed outrage against the incident.

Karanvir Bohra: I'm so disturbed and shocked at What has happened to #PriyankaReddy This happening in my country angers me, makes my blood boil. The punishment to these murderers and rapists should be so severe for such a heinous crime. #RIPPriyankaReddy

Hyderabad Vat
Hyderabad Vat

Keerthy Suresh: #RIPPriyankaReddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

Allu Sirish: I am extremely sad, angry and then feel helpless. I hope our collective anger results in justice for Priyanka, but also ensures more safety measures for women. #JusticeForPriyankaReddy I would like women to move around freely & fearlessly, but I'd still ask all of you to take ample safety precautions. I don't know what else to say. One part of me wants them to be fearless, but another part of me fears their safety.

Allari Naresh: Nothing short of gruesome and heinous ....Deeply disturbed hearing about it. We as a country need to protect our girls or we have no future as a race. Hope justice prevails. #RIPPriyankaReddy

Sudheer Babu: I am disturbed .... to a level that I cannot share anything from the incident .... I request all my sisters out there to take help of the Police, live location apps and emergency calling options when it requires the most. My prayers for her innocent soul. #RIPPriyankaReddy

R Sarath Kumar: #RIPPriyankaReddy Totally shocked & angered by this evil, atrocious, disgraceful unpardonable crime.Respecting & protecting women should be the top priority of any society. India, known for portraying women as forms of Goddesses should know to treat them as equals. #Hyderabad #RIPPriyankaReddy India, known for portraying women as forms of Goddesses should know to treat them as equals at least.When Proper #SexEducation not in place & #GruesomePunishments is the only way. I condemn #HyderabadHorror

Dr.Rajasekhar: Heartbroken, #Priyankareddy and #Manasa.Just outrageous. The ones responsible must be punished, how long will this go on? How many more souls should we lose! the media and others on the internet are being shameless! Where are your ethics and morals? Sharing images of the victim.. .. How insensitive are you! Give the families some space, let them mourn! Stop surrounding them with your cameras and mics. As a father of two girls, my heart goes out to the families, I hope they find the strength to cope with the loss #PriyankaReddy and #Manasa deserve justice.

BVS Ravi: Priyanka episode is as gore or if not more than Nirbhaya. It reflects lack of safety for women as well as lack of fear for law. Root cause is wrong brought up from childhood and reforms should start from training parenting on how to bring up sons for the society.

Adivi Sesh: Our ability to look after our Mothers, Daughters and Sisters determines our worth as a nation. And we are failing. I think of change. But I dont know what change to bring to remove such evil from the hearts of these monsters. Something needs to be done. And we are failing.

Varun Sandesh: What a horrifying incident.. So sad to hear about Priyanka Reddy being kidnapped.. raped.. n burnt alive.. I don't even know what punishment would be enough for the B*****ds who did this.. My condolences and prayers up for the family.. #RIPPriyankaReddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

Lavanya Tripathi: Its extremely disgusting and disturbing, cannot even imagine the pain that girl had to go through, and now her family.. waiting for justice to be served.. #RIPPriyankaReddy

Mehreen Pirzada: #RIPPriyankaReddy Completely shocked by this news, one hopes the perpetrators of such a heinous crime are brought to justice swiftly

Mahesh S Koneru: #RIPPriyankaReddy Very Sad. Very Angry. Hyderabad Police @hydcitypolice and #SheTeam units are very responsive. Please spread awareness among friends and family. When in danger or when you feel threatened, reach out to them immediately. Everyone must know how to do that. #RIPPriyankaReddy Police and #SheTeams can be contacted via Phone or even social media. Let us be vigilant. I hope the animals who perpetrated this crime are brought to justice swiftly. Praying for strength to the family

VV Vinayak: #RIPPriyankaReddy Please punish all that basterd who r involved in this case as soon as possible

Shravya Varma: Witnessing the most insensitive and unbearable journalism today . Shoving mics into faces of someone who lost their daughter and sister less than 24 hrs ago , parading her remains all over the channels is just ruthless in the name of journalism. #Priyankareddy