For some Salman Khan is a godfather but for some Salman Khan is not a nice man to know. The actor has often got himself into trouble with his fights with the media and his arrogance. Though Salman seems to be a changed man now, a decade ago he was only known to be a spoilt brat. 

The actor who has often made headlines for losing his cool over reporters at press conferences of public events had done some nasty things that are totally unpardonable. In the past, something really shocking happened when Salman Khan unzipped his pants to take revenge from a female journalist.

Salman Khan

The incident was reported by Sachin Kalbag, Resident Editor of The Hindu, "More than a decade ago, an independent, national award-winning film critic had gone to interview him. The film critic had panned a few films in which the said actor had a lead role or was one of the male leads. He held a grudge. But since a new movie was releasing, he had to give interviews.

Unfortunately, it was with this critic. He had to avenge, though. So first he made her wait for several hours in the hot sun and then asked her to sit on a set prop. She sat. Waited...Finally, he emerged. He told her, "Wait, I have to pee. That was the actor's "revenge" on a female film critic and reporter who had the "audacity" to not like his movies." 

Salman Khan

When Salman's exes spoke about his abusive behavior

Salman's exes, be it, Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif have openly spoken about his abusive behavior. Post her breakup, Aishwarya went on record to reveal that she had broken all ties with Salman reasoning it to be his alcoholic nature, abusive and strained relationship. It is also said that Salman had once hit Katrina in public as she had worn a really short skirt that was not liked by Salman.