Bigg Boss 8 winner
"Bigg Boss Halla Bol" host Farah Khan takes a selfie with "Bigg Boss 8" winner Gautam GulatiVarinder Chawla

It's been eight seasons and the only thing consistent about the controversial reality show "Bigg Boss" is the baritone voice.

"Bigg Boss" voice has fascinated every viewer since the start of the show. Viewers have heard "Bigg Boss" ordering the contestants, consoling them and sometimes even bashing them, but have you ever wondered who is behind the husky voice?

Initially there were reports that television actor Mohan Kapoor lends his voice to the reality show. However, recent reports suggest that its renowned voice-over artist Atul Kapoor.

"Several believed that the voice belonged to Mohan Kapur (TV and film actor). But it's actually Atul," a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Atul's commanding baritone made him the perfect choice for the reality show, which is also the reason why he returns every season.

"His deep, husky voice makes him return with each season. And he's being paid handsomely for it," the source added.

Atul, who has been part of the series from season one, stays in a secret room inside the "Bigg Boss" house in Karjat. The makers of the reality show keep his location and identity a secret from contestants as well as viewers.

"His location is unknown even to the contestants for the entire duration of the season. The producers and broadcasters have taken care to protect his identity," adds the source.

Several contestants including Sunny Leone, Urvashi Dholakia and others have shared the photo of Atul on social networking sites. A recent photo of "Bigg Boss 8" contestant Karishma Tanna and Atul has been doing the rounds on Twitter.

Check out the photo of "Bigg Boss" below: