Richter scale
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On August 2, a powerful earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale hit Indonesia, which compelled the authorities to issue a tsunami alert which was later lifted. However, in an uncanny coincidence, a self-proclaimed seismic researcher named Frank Hoogerbeets had issued an earthquake warning just hours before the powerful quake that rattled different cities of the country.

On his website, Ditrianum, Frank Hoogerbeets had predicted that seismic activities will see a dramatic rise on August 2 and 3 due to a lunar peak. As a powerful earthquake happened in Indonesia on the timeline predicted by Hoogerbeets, several people believe that another quake that may measure more than 7 in the Richter scale could hit the planet on August 03, 2019.

Even though lacking a scientific base, many of the predictions made by Hoogerbeets have turned true in the recent past, and it includes the California quakes that happened on July 5.

Hoogerbeets, on his website, claims that he is using an advanced system named Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) to predict potential earthquakes that will happen in the future. As per Hoogerbeets, the electromagnetic force during rare planetary alignments and critical lunar geometry are so powerful, and it is capable of destabilising the tectonic plates here on the Earth.

Hoogerbeets also makes it clear that he is not a part of any conspiracy theory group.

"Also, contrary to what is falsely being claimed, we are not part of any conspiracy theory group. We are not against anyone or anything. We provide information in an impartial manner about the seismic effects from specific planetary and lunar geometry," Hoogerbeets says.

Even though Hoogerbeets' predictions have convinced his followers, seismic experts believe that the success of his forecast is nothing but classic cases of coincidences. As per experts, no current technology is capable of predicting seismic activities with such precision and accuracy.