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The California earthquake that happened on July 05, 2019, was an absolute shocker, and it made many people believe that the so-called 'Ring of Fire' is ripe for a major quake. Interestingly, Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-proclaimed Dutch seismic researcher had predicted the California quakes days before its occurrence, and he blamed planetary alignments for this rise in seismic activities.

Now, Frank Hoogerbeets has once again made a shocking prediction, and he has claimed that a powerful earthquake will hit the planet today, July 27, 2019. As per Hoogerbeets, Earth's alignment with Venus and Mercury will be the reason behind the trigger of seismic activity.

"Earth's alignment with Venus and Mercury early on the 25th may trigger larger seismic activity from the 25th to the 27th," wrote Hoogerbeets on his website Ditrianum.

As July 25th and 26th went uneventfully, followers of Hoogerbeets strongly believe that a powerful quake will happen on 27th of this month causing massive devastation in the affected area. However, Hoogerbeets has not revealed the exact place in which the earthquake could hit today. 

Hoogerbeets on his website has revealed that he is not a part of any conspiracy theory group, and the researcher made it clear that he wishes to provide impartial information about future earthquakes.

"We are not part of any conspiracy theory group. We are not against anyone or anything. We provide information in an impartial manner about the seismic effects from specific planetary and lunar geometry," says Hoogerbeets. 

The Dutch researcher also added that he is making these predictions using an advanced system named SSGI (Solar System Geometry Index). Hoogerbeets believe that electromagnetic force during the time of planetary alignments and lunar geometry will destabilize the tectonic plates on earth, thus causing earthquakes in the planet.

However, seismic scientists are not convinced, and they claim that Hoogerbeets is making these predictions just for the sake of money and fame. As per seismic experts, no modern technology could predict earthquakes with precision.