UFO Argentina
YouTube Screenshot: Now you Know

UFO researchers have spotted a strange object in the skies of Argentina, and conspiracy theorists consider it a solid evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The unidentified flying object was apparently spotted above the Argentinian province of Neuquen, and the weird object seemingly cylindrical in shape appeared to be floating in the air above a truck driving through the main road.

Aliens or a mere drone?

The object was captured by a woman named Sandra Elena Andrade,and she claims that this is an irrefutable proof that UFOs are visiting our planet. Even though the object was first noticed two years ago, it gained popularity when conspiracy theory channel 'Now You Know' shared the clip on YouTube.

As per the uploader, the shape of the bizarre object spotted in the sky does not resemble any known aircraft, and its shape and dimensions indicate that it is not a bird.

As the video went viral, people were quick to speculate what it could be. "Can't say it's anything else but a real ufo. Does not look fake," commented Ruben Salcido, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics argue that the object spotted might be a saucer-shaped drone. "I am really tired of UFO Hoax. It's a drone redesigned as circular disc to look alike UFO," commented Uday Kulkarni, another YouTuber.

Is Argentina a UFO hotspot?

Recently, a section of conspiracy theorists had claimed that there is a UFO hotspot with an interdimensional portal hidden in Argentina. As per these conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings are pretty common in the city of Capilla del Monte which indicates that aliens are visiting this area regularly.

As per UFO buffs, there is an interdimensional portal and an alien UFO landing base hidden in between the mountain ranges of Sierras Chicas located in this area. They also argue that the Ongamira Valley, located just 25 kilometers away from Capilla del Monte is another hotbed of UFO activities.

To substantiate these claims, conspiracy theorists show a video apparently shot by two girls January 13, 2012. The video shows incandescent beings which they claim as alien entities. Conspiracy theorists allege that aliens have advanced shapeshifting abilities and that they can even stay invisible to the human eye.