alien plankton
ISS Live Stream/ET Data Base

Several conspiracy theorists have several times alleged that alien life is a reality. They have even argued that governments all across the world and space agencies like NASA are well aware of its existence. Adding heat to these outlandish arguments, a prominent UFO researcher named Scott C Waring who operates from Taiwan has now claimed to have discovered living algae-based plankton growing in space.

Scott C Waring revealed that he spotted these living creatures from footage taken from NASA's International Space Station. In the video, an apparently round-shaped creature is seen floating in the space, and Waring claimed that this is proof of simple forms of life thriving in the darkness of space.

"These appear to be algae-based plankton. These plankton are slow to move because they are algae-based. They use the suns energy to turn carbon dioxide into sugars which equals food for them, and grow well on the glass and solar panels because of all the sunlight reflecting there," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

In his website post, Waring also talked about the discovery of plankton outside the International Space Station by Russian cosmonauts a few years back.

"Russian astronauts announced to the world that they found large plankton growing on the space stations solar panels about 3-4 years ago. Russia...not NASA announced it. It was in world news...but finally here are some videos of the creatures. You are looking at aliens. Non-intelligent, but nevertheless...alive. As far as I know, its the first photos of the actual plankton themselves. If plankton can live in space, can there be space whales which feed off of them? Who knows?" added Waring.

A few weeks back, a study report published in the Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science had suggested the possible presence of alien forms on the Red Planet. The new study report revealed that NASA's Curiosity Rover had snapped images of fungi and algae growing on the Martian surface.