Kempegowda metro station
Kempegowda metro station, MajesticTwitter [Representational Image]

The security measures have been increased at all public transport stations at Bengaluru after an unidentified man suspected of carrying something lethal refused to undergo a security checkup at Majestic metro station.

The incident happened on Monday night after a suspicious man triggered a red alert at the metal detectors at the station entrance. According to the reports, the man was wearing a belt-like device below his belly.

In the surveillance footage, a man wearing a dress similar to the Arab robe, a black jacket and a headgear refused to cooperate with the metro station staff after the alarm was triggered on the metal detector after he passed through it. When asked to show the device under his shirt, the man quickly escaped the scene.

A while later, the man tried to enter the metro station from the south entrance of the building. The metro staff and a few auto-rickshaw drivers tried to catch him but he managed to escape from them. This incident has been recognised as a major security lapse by the security officers at the station who let the suspicious man go without further questioning.

According to the Bengaluru City Police (BCP), there were slim chances of that man being someone with a hidden agenda to harm others. But they also said that a team has been initiated by the lawmakers to trace him, at the same time the police has asked the people to restrain from spreading rumours that might create unnecessary panic among the public. However, they have been unsuccessful in locating the person.

"Our team has been checking through all hotels, dormitories and public installations near Majestic area and other parts of the city. Though it appears to be an event which is being blown out of proportion we will verify his identity. We have already collected the security camera footage from BMRCL officials," said a police official, reports Bangalore Mirror.

Following the incident at Majestic metro station, the city has been warned of a high alert at all places of public gathering including the railway stations and bus stations. The Metro staff has been instructed to strictly monitor the situations at the station. The authorities have stressed the staff on baggage checking as well as body check through hand-held metal detectors should be conducted thoroughly.