Sreemukhi on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Sreemukhi on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of hotstar video

Many viewers, especially the female audience, feel that popular TV anchor Sreemukhi (Srimukhi) is a strong contender for the title of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and she deserves the winner's trophy.

Sreemukhi started her career as an anchor with the show called Adhurs and later she entered the film industry with a supporting role in the 2012 movie Julai, which featured her as Allu Arjun's sister. She also made her debut as a lead actress with Prema Ishq Kaadhal. She had a decent fan following before she entered the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, which has now multiplied her fans' count.

The season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu is noted for one reason as it had the highest number of female contestants. Out of 17 housemates, nine were female. Interestingly, she is the only female contestant to enter the list of top five finalists of the show. This itself is a testament of her popularity and strength as an inmate.

Sreemukhi has proved to be the most energetic, competent, focused, multi-talented and entertaining personality all through her journey on Bigg Boss Telugu 3. It is her ever-ready nature and never-ending zeal that made her enter the finalists' list. Overacting and not being natural are two of her big drawbacks, which have earned her some haters and anti-fans, who are spreading negativity about her.

TV anchor Sreemukhi
TV anchor SreemukhiTwitter

Sreemukhi is hoping to walk away with the winner's title of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 at the grand finale of the show to be held tonight. Her fans have campaigned heavily on social media and adapted some unique strategies for it. Here are some of the reasons why her fans think that she should be the winner of this season.

MounikaPolagoni @MounikaPolagoni

#BiggBoss3Telugu #biggbosstelugu3 I dont know why our Telugu people never supports Lady #SreeMukhi as Winner. Look at Tamil and Hindi Biggboss audience who always supports and encourages strong female contestants. #SreeMukhiDeservesToWin @StarMaa @EndemolShineIND

Sai Rohit @sairohit97

Though she is a girl she proved that she is no way underpowered than any of the guy out there. She gave her 100% and became an inspiration for many girls as well #SreemukhiDeservesTheTitle #BiggBossTelugu3 @EndemolShineIND @starmaa @iamnagarjuna

Sunil Roover @RooverSunil

#SreemukhiDeservesToWin @StarMaa @EndemolShineIND @iamnagarjuna There are a bunch of reasons! Energitic,competent, Focused,Multi-Talented&Her never ending zeal to Entertain and Win!!! OnewomanArmy @MukhiSree #BiggBossTelugu3


Dear sir, pls make srimukhi as winner. She is multi talented.#SriMukhi #BiggBossTelugu3

Miracle SRK @miracle_srk

she is a great family woman who puts her family first and would protect them with her own life.#SreemukhiDeservesTheTitle #BiggBossTelugu3 @EndemolShineIND @starmaa @iamnagarjuna

Aakash @aakash_501

Waiting for the moment to witness Sreemukhi recieving the BB3 season title . #SreeMukhiDeservesToWin @StarMaa @iamnagarjuna @EndemolShineIND

Asritha @asritha16965068

#SreemukhiDeservesToWin the most deserving women to win the title this year,,,genuine,,entertaining,,out spoken....she deserves the title this year.... i am so happy that i rooted for you from day 1 till the end....You Made us proud by Giving your best on the show.. #SreemukhiDeservesTowin

Kavya Kalivarapu @kalivarapukavya

Sreemukhi is the all-rounder in #biggbosstelugu3 and she definitely should be the winner of this season.#SreeMukhiDeservesToWin @StarMaa @iamnagarjuna @EndemolShineIND Sreemukhi has her particular mark that people can easily identify her and loves to imitate her signature and I did so . Waiting to see her as winner of #BiggBossTelugu3 #SreeMukhiDeservesToWin

Premsai @premsai_k

#SreeMukhi must be Winner. Varun must be runner. Only they both deserve to be in top 2. Thanks @iamnagarjuna for confirming about that fake news. For BB to have credibility, fake votes & Sympathy should never win... #SreeMukhiDeservesToWin #BiggBossTelugu3