OnePlus has managed to beat giants like Apple and Samsung in the premium smartphone category, so much so that even brands like Xiaomi haven't managed to disrupt its space like the budget smartphone category. But it looks like OnePlus is soon going to be met with a solid competitor coming from yet another disruptive brand, Realme.

After the success of smartphones like Realme XT, Realme X and other budget smartphones, the smartphone maker is going to enter the premium smartphone space with its first real premium flagship that takes on OnePlus 7T. The upcoming smartphone will be superior to the Realme X2 and be called Realme X2 Pro.

Realme chief product officer Dereck Wang confirmed the Realme X2 Pro on social media. The upcoming smartphone will be on the same league as other Snapdragon 855+ powered phones such as OnePlus 7T. But that's not it. Realme is going to be borrowing yet another feature from the 7T, which also turns out to be the headline feature of both OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T.

Realme Logo
Realme LogoWikimedia Commons

Realme confirmed on Chinese social media that the Realme X2 Pro would have a 90Hz refresh rate display, which guarantees a smooth user experience. After having tested the feature in OnePlus phones, it is impossible to go back to 60Hz display.

With such top-notch features, we can expect a premium price tag. But the Realme X2 Pro is expected to be the cheapest phone with 90Hz display, which means it will be cheaper than the OnePlus 7T priced starting at Rs 37,999.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7TTwitter/OnePlus

Besides these revelations, there isn't much known about the device. But shifting focus from sub-Rs 20,000 price category is a huge step for Realme. It remains to be seen how far Realme is willing to go to bite into OnePlus' market share and what other features it will introduce in the X2 Pro to make it happen.

There's no word on the release date of the phone, but it could arrive after Realme XT successor later this year. So, expect the official launch of Realme X2 Pro sometime early next year.