It has been a while now since Showtime stopped airing new Episodes of "Ray Donovan" and we are already experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. But fear not, because we have the right kind of cure for that – some tidbits and scoops on what you can expect from "Ray Donovan" Season 4, which will return to TV in 2016.

Although season 3 finale of "Ray Donovan" explained quite a bit about who Ray (Leiv Schreiber) is, and what made him so, there was quite a glitch in his character, namely when he sleeps with Paige (Katie Holmes). This confused the viewers, because up until that point, it did not look like Ray was particularly interested in her physically or emotionally.

David Hollander who will take over as the show-runner in Season 4 explained this anomaly and said that it was in fact an event that he regrets from the Season as well. When Paige's character was being designed, it was decided that she would become a romantic interest for Ray, but when it played out, it did not seem right for the show at all.

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"We knew in the design of the character that that was supposed to happen. I don't think it was our best move. I think we were in kind of a dynamic place where it needed to happen to trip up other wires. And by the time it happened we began to downplay it, to the point where it was a blip," Hollander explains to TV Line.

We can assume that "Ray Donovan" has put an end to that relationship, but what about the other disturbing couple from the season - Ray's daughter Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) and her teacher Mr Donellen (Aaron Staton)? In Season 3, we saw Ray beat Donellen into a pulp, even though viewers know that Bridget had an equal if not more part in what happened between the two.

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Bridget, who was in fact more of a predator in their relationship, even reminded Donellen that she would turn 18 soon. Does this mean, when she does, she will get back to pursuing him, and there may even be a potential relationship between them? Hollander says that assumption may not necessarily come true.

"I'm not sure if there's any more with Donellen himself, but there's going to be more with her independence and how she pushes that," Hollander explained. We can't wait to see how Bridget makes use of her new freedom.

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