The penultimate episode of "Ray Donovan" season 3 titled "Poker" will be aired on Sunday, 20 September, and it will determine who the most powerful man is – Ray or Andrew Finney.

In the previous episode, we saw the return of Ed Cochran (Hank Azaria) and how he devised an ingenious plan to pit the two of them against each other. In the coming episode we will see Paige (Katie Holmes) choosing between Ray (Leiv Schrieber) and her father and while she is all for going along with her father's plan, Ray pitches her a very novel concept in the "Ray Donovan" universe – speaking the truth.

Paige asks in return, "Who do you think is more powerful in this town, you or Andrew Finney?" Like us, even Ray is confused about that, but he calmly responds, "Why don't you go up there and find out? Or tell the truth and get it all.. Who knows, if you pay your cards right you might keep the team". We just hope Paige makes the right choice, which is obviously taking Ray's side; because sooner or later he will come out of a very messy situation right on top.

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Meanwhile Ray's daughter Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) is in serious boy trouble; teacher trouble rather. Her teacher Mr Donellen (Aaron Staton) who is dabbling with drugs has been fooling around with her as well, blamed it all of his student's "obsession" with him just before Bridget's mother Abby (Paula Malcomson) caught wind on it.

It also looks like Abby and Terry's (Eddie Marsan) relationship would turn in the direction that viewers fearfully anticipated. But ironically, she is the one blaming Ray for his almost non-existent extra-marital sexual life.

Watch out for season 3 episode 11 of "Ray Donovan" at 9.00pm (ETS) on Sunday, 20 September on Showtime. You can also live stream "Poker" via Showtime Anytime.