The season 3, episode 9 of "Devious Maids", "Bad Girl", will be aired on Monday, 27 July on Lifetime, and oh boy, isn't it getting juicier by the day.

In episode 8 "Cries and Whispers", we saw Marisol (Ana Ortiz) getting closer to her boyfriend Jesse (Nathan Owens). However, she may soon find out some incriminating information about her new lover that will make her run away from him as fast as she can.

We know that Jesse has a gun and although he has a violent streak, he doesn't seem as devious as Rosie's (Dania Ramirez) husband Ernesto (Christian de la Fuente), who not only has a hidden connection with the cartel, but is also willing to give information about Katie (Grecia Merino), who the cartel boss has been desperately looking for.

Ernesto also spied on his wife and forbade her from working, because as he claimed, the last maid that worked for the Stappords ended up dead. He definitely knows more that he shows and has things to hide. Whether or not he is Blanca's killer, he is certainly a devious man.

Jesse on the other hand, is a gentleman in every sense. But his violent streak was exposed when a potential client of Marisol grabbed her butt. He not only drags the client out of the door, but also screams that he would kill him, before throwing him out.

Marisol is completely shocked at the outburst and in "Bad Girl", she is seen snooping around Jesse's stuff to see if he is hiding something.

Even if Jesse is not the killer, he too has something to hide. The most plausible theory is that Jesse is an undercover agent who is trying to uncover the cartel by tracking Ernesto.

Or, he could be a killer who has been assigned to take Ernesto off and is waiting for the right moment. He is dating Marisol so that he could stay close to the Latino maids.

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See if your predictions are right, on Monday, 27 July at 9.00 PM(EST), when Lifetime airs "Devious Maids". You can also live stream "Bad Girl" via MyLifetime.