The finale episode of "Ray Donovan" season 3 will be aired by Showtime on Sunday, 27 September. All the loose ends will be tied up in episode 12 titled "Exsuscito" and we will see Ray (Liev Schreiber) dealing with all his problems the "Donovan way".

In the upcoming episode, Ray will finally learn the truth about Bridget (Kerris Dorsey), and how she was manipulated by her teacher Mr Donellen (Aaron Staton) into being intimate with him and then tossing her out like used toilet paper. On recognizing that Bridget was getting out of control, it was her mom Abby (Paula Malcomson) who seeks the help of her husband.

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According the promo, it looks like Ray has learned the truth from his wife and brother Terry (Eddie Marsan) and is heartbroken. It could also be that he will also learn the true nature of the relationship between his wife and his brother and is heartbroken about it. Regardless, he goes over to meet the teacher and beats him to a pulp.

Meanwhile the Armenians are closing in on Mickey (Jon Voight), and beat him up, along with Daryll (Pooch Hall). Ray's con Connor (Devon Bagby) was presumably with grandpa, and gets hurt pretty bad in the altercation and lands up in hospital. This could be another reason for Ray to spiral out of control.

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Regardless, in the finale, Ray is seen hurting a lot of people, and confessing to father Romero (Leland Orser) of all his sins. The finale is expected to be spectacular as the ones from season 1 and 2, but the wait for season 4 is going to be a long one.

Watch out for season 3 finale episode of "Ray Donovan" at 9.00pm (EST) on Sunday, 27 September. You can also live stream "Exsuscito" via Showtme Anytime.