Rashami Desai

Renowned actor Rashami Desai has been entertaining us with her acting prowess for over the years now. Her infectious smile and coy looks have earned her huge appreciation. She is best known for portraying the role of Tapasya in Uttaran and Shorvori Parth Bhanushali in Dil Se Dil Tak. 

She has also participated in reality shows like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi and Nach Baliye. She was in the news for being a part of Bigg Boss 13 and emerging as the 3rd runner-up. Currently, she is shooting for Naagin 4. Rashami made her web debut with a short film 'Tamas' which is directed by Adhvik Mahajan. The 20 minutes film talks about 'Islamophobia'. 

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, Rashami Desai spoke at length about her short film, precautions that she is taking while shooting, how her life has changed post-Bigg Boss 13 and why being called as a 'TV actor'' make her feel sad and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Rashami Desai

'Tamas' is a beautiful film that talks about a very important topic Islamophobia? Have you also come across similar people in your vicinity?

Honestly, we need different kinds of people as when it comes to society, people talk about it, and they discuss certain topics that are very much related to religion and a lot of things. But they don't realise at the end of the day they are also a part of it. Humanity is above all.

Rashami Desai

What precautions are you taking to ensure a safe and healthy environment during the shoot?

Yes, whenever I'm shooting, I'm personally taking care of myself, and also the production house is even more careful. After they found out one of the lead from another show is positive, they are taking all the more precautions and making sure everything's safe and sound around. They don't want to take the risk. So, on our set, the environment is very good but the virus is always in the back of our minds which becomes quite stressful.

 Do you carry your food to sets?

Rashami Desai

 Of course, I do carry my own dabba's and not because it's COVID but otherwise also I used to have my own dabba's from home and I prefer home-cooked food. But now I carry my electronic gas, toaster, and all the other stuff as well, so if I am hungry I can cook for myself here, and then I can have my food. I don't want to order from outside and risk my life and others around me.

 What are the other shows or short film you have?

Rashami Desai

I have been working on myself and I am looking for shows on OTT platform and more short films. I want something where I can perform freely. The director we have for Naagin 4 is just amazing. He is the one who actually introduced me to TV long back and now I'm looking for an amazing subject and a great team to work with.

As some of the contestants from your season are part of the music video, do you also plan to foray in music videos?

Rashamai Desai

If I get an amazing song I would love to do. Yes, a lot of contestants are doing music videos, it's fun but I really want to do something that I love and it's acting and fortunately, I got this amazing opportunity with Adhvik and I feel it was a great choice I made. And If I get a good song which matches my vibe than I'll go for it.

 How has life changed post-BB 13?

 Nothing has changed after BB. There we were locked in BB's house now we are locked in our houses. So as of now I still feel as if we are in Bigg Boss house. It's just like there is less camera's and no weekend ka vaar is happening (laughs).

Is there a struggle for TV actors when they plan to do movies? Have you ever come across biasedness when it comes to featuring in films?

Rashami Desai

To be honest, TV actors are always looked down upon as just "TV actors" which makes me sad. I feel people underestimate the TV actors though. TV has more reach to the audience. And a lot of times films come and goes and they don't get recognition but they are always respected more than TV actors. I don't like this though as at the end of the day we are all actors first.

 What is your take on social media negativity? How do you handle it?

Rashami Desai

Trolling does effect sometimes as they get overboard and trollers cross their limits. They can talk about depression, they can write whatever they feel like because they are all from different places or countries behind the screen and can't be reached. They don't understand how these things will have an impact on the other person. I feel cybercrime should take strict action against these trollers and which has eventually started also on social media lately. As before people used to spread so much negativity but now they can't do all that easy because people are getting penalized for it, which is a great move and I'm glad that's happening now.