Adhvik Mahajan

Popular television actor Adhvik Mahajan made his debut in the television show Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, he was also seen in supernatural drama Naagin 3 starring Pearl V Puri & Surbhi Jyoti. Apart from that, he did two films - one original and one Hindi. And now the multifaceted actor has a treat for his fans during the lockdown.

Adhvik has written, directed and acted in a short film 'Tamas' which stars Rashami Desai.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Adhvik Mahajan spoke at length about his new film 'Tamas' starring Rashami Desai, nepotism and the challenges that he has faced all these years.

About his short film 'Tamas'


My short film 'Tamas' showcases an important issue that we are all facing during the lockdown. It's a simple film regarding the mentality and thought process of society during these tough times. I had this idea one and half years ago but at that time I decided to keep it on hold thinking when the time is right I will do it. However, one phone call changed my decision and I decided to go ahead with the film during the lockdown. It so happened that I got a call from a casting person he said 'I am not apt for the role of the web series, as I am a TV actor and we need a film actor for this', I didn't like the way he said, I thought ki TV mein Kaam nai hota kya? That's how I decided that I will make the film now itself. The film is directed, written, shot on iPhone by me and it also stars me (smiles).

I shot the film in my house with one light. We used natural light for certain scenes that took three-four hours to shoot. I am thankful to Neha my wife she was my constant support throughout. The film gives out a social message which is the need of the hour.

How Rashami Desai came on board

Rashami desai

I always had Rashami in mind, she was fit was the role. We wanted someone sweet and innocent like her. As we all know she is a very good actor. So, I approached her for the story and I am glad she agreed to come on board.

 On nepotism and getting roles on TV

Adhvik Mahajan

Seeing the credits of the film, one of my friends messaged me saying 'Everything in the film is done by you from direction to acting to writing, isn't this nepotism? To which I said, 'If they don't give me my chances, I will take my chances.' This whole nepotism debate is never-ending and will go on. And it is just not in our industry but its everywhere. For instance, a businessman's son will follow his legacy, doctor's offspring will become a doctor only in most of the cases. I started my career as a lead actor in Ram Gopal Varma's film 'Contract'. After which I did a Tamil film as well. Having said that, I have had my share of struggle I was removed from projects, there were a lot of hardships during the start of my career. But then things started to move on and I decided to concentarte on good and positive things on life. If you have the talent, you wil survive, be it nepotism or no nepotism. My parents work in a bank and I hail from a middle-class family. I am glad that I have to work in Mumbai. I have a few good projects in hand. Rather than sitting idle during the lockdown, I decided to do something and I am glad I did this short film 'Tamas'.

Upcoming projects

Talks are going on nothing that I can share as of now. I will also be seen in the film 'Laxmmi Bomb'.

'Tamas' is streaming on Youtube now.