Ranveer Singh had created a storm when he featured in a condom advertisement a few years ago. The actor, who has always pushed boundaries whether it's his clothes or movies, is the first A-listed Bollywood actor to have endorsed a condom brand ever.

In fact, the cool dude made a startling confession when he admitted to had had always carried a condom in his wallet in an interview with DNA in 2014. "I always do. And if there are guys out there who don't, then they absolutely should, he had said when asked if guys always carry a condom in their wallet. 

Ranveer Singh
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The '83 actor had also opened up about his decision to endorse a condom brand and why he thought it was important for celebrities to promote safe sex. "With the kind of problems we face in our country - HIV and STDs and unwanted pregnancies, I strongly feel that if there is one product that needs to be endorsed, it is condoms," he had told the portal.

When asked if he was the best choice for a condom ad, the star averred: "I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I am comfortable engaging in conversation and speaking about the subject of sex. I have no qualms and make no bones about it.

In our country sex is still a taboo subject, which it really shouldn't be. Sexual well-being is a topic that calls for healthy discussion, education and awareness and should not be shunned."

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh in condom adInstagram

Commenting on endorsing condom being a bold move, Ranveer had said: "Yes, I guess I can see why this could be perceived as bold. I only wanted to do something unique and something that made sense to me, I wasn't really thinking about whether it was bold or not."

Ranveer break ties with condom brand:

However, post-Ranveer's marriage with Deepika, the Padmaavat actor had reportedly broken his deal with the condom brand. It was a mutual decision between the brand and the actor to not renew his contract. It was said that there were two possible reasons behind the closure of the deal – one being Ranveer's high fees after back to back hit movies, and the second being his marital status.