For those who think exes can't be friends, Bollywood serves a number of examples. From Deepika Padukone – Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif – Salman Khan to Ranveer Singh – Anushka Sharma, these and many other celebrity couples have proved that you can have a healthy relationship with your ex, even after a break-up.

Though Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma always maintained silence on the rumours of their affair, it was after their break-up, that Ranveer Singh made the picture pretty clear. Not the one to shy away from professing his feelings, Ranveer did try to hide his feelings when it came to Anushka Sharma, probably because they were both quite new to the industry.

Ranveer Singh criticized for his remark on Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma; Ranveer SinghInstagram

Ranveer's love for Anushka

Ranveer Singh had spoken about how he appreciated Anushka Sharma coming to his wedding reception after he got married to Deepika Padukone. Almost blowing the lid off their alleged relationship, he had said, "It was very warm. It was really lovely. But for me it was very significant and very special that Anushka came."

Losing his cool

However, there was this one time, when Ranveer let his emotions get the better off him. As per a HT report, there was this one time when a fan was trying to flirt with Anushka. Not able to control himself, Ranveer, as per the report, had said, "Mind your language. She is my girlfriend. I will break your nose."

"Yes. I miss her tremendously. She is full of love. Too many people have misunderstood her. Too many people just don't get where she is coming from and the kind of person that she is. She is one of the purest and honest people I have ever met. It's a big thing to say therefore it may sound to the reader like an exaggeration. Honestly, I've met few people who have nothing but purity in their heart and soul," Ranveer had said in an old interview about distance creeping up between him and Anushka after few years of god friendship.