Director Nirmal Sahadev's Malayalam film Ranam, featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rahman and Isha Talwar in the lead roles, has received positive reviews from the audience in the early shows.

Ranam, also known as Detroit Crossing, is a crime drama, which is high on action quotient. Director Nirmal Sahadev has written story, screenplay and dialogues for the film, which has been produced by Anand Payannur, Rani and Lawson Biju under the banners Yes Cinema Production and Lawson Entertainment. It has received a U/A certificate and its runtime is 2.16 hours.

Ranam movie story: Set in Detroit, the film is about wars between the gangs that depend on a code of silence. Aadhi (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a mysterious getaway driver, who is trapped in a life of crime.  He lives with this code of conduct and protects his friend Bhaskar (Nandhu). Hee meets someone who can potentially change his entire world. How he struggles for redemption forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Hero Prithviraj Sukumaran and antagonist Rahman have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Ranam. Isha Talwar lacks enough screen presence, but she tries to steal the show with her acting. Nandhu, Mathew Arun, Celine Joseph, Ashwin Kumar, Shyamaprasad and others have also done justice to their roles, says the audience.


Technical: Ranam has brilliant production values and music, picturisation, selection of locales, choreography of action and stunts and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Ranam movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reactions on the film shared on Twitter and Facebook. Continue to read audience's response.

Vivek Ranjit‏ @vivekranjit

Loved #Ranam. A solid, engaging thriller with a brilliant immersive soundscape and breathtaking visual setting. Fantastic debut by Nirmal Sahadev. @PrithviOfficial is kickass, along with a superb Rahman, Ashwin Kumar, Nandu Chettan and a new actor playing the cop.

Navaneethpisharodi‏ @Navaneeth264

#Ranam Was A Different Experience❤ Liked it.Its Not A Complete Action Thriller, Felt Like An Emotional Drama. All Did Well Stylish Making Excellent Debut By Director Nirmal Sahadev. Just Go For It. Don't Expect More. A Simple Film 3/5

Antony‏ @Lalettan9

Watched #Ranam Yesterday A Very Different Style Of Making For Sure, Doesn't Feel Like Watching A Malayalam Film On The Negative Side Its Very Slow Paced And Nothing New In The Story Hats Off To #NirmalSahadev For Making This Definitely Set A Standard For Gangster Movies

Madridista DQ‏ @Dqmadridista

#Ranam Liked it.Vareity Attempt BGM & SONGS Decent enough casting & performance Slow paced but didn't felt any lag Technically brilliant but the story could have been better or strong. It's an emotional drama so the entertainment factor is missing. Rating : 3.25/5

Rahul‏ @imrahul_03

#ranam Stylish thriller based on drug Mafia in Detroit , ✌️redEx Technically brillaint , authentic actions Costumes Definitely worth a watch !!! Sound mixing @PrithviOfficial As usual excels , good supporting by Rahman, Nandu and Isha Script could have been tight!

Arunkumar K G‏ @am_Migrade

#Ranam a crime thriller those who love Hollywood crime thrillers Go for it A movie with top notch making ! BGM and DOP @PrithviOfficial and @actorrahman r the pillars @JxBe u r just awsme music just lifts the movie ! Top angle views of cities are not matching with d visuals #Ranam the making and BGM are highlights @JxBe release its OST @PrithviOfficial #NirmalSahadev remove top angle views its like watching low quality visuals in btw blu ray rips ! All Hollywood crimes thriller action movie fans it's ur cup of tea !

Amar Aldrin‏ @AmarAldrin1

#Ranam #NirmalSahadev made Ranam to express, Not to impress. Ranam is an imotional crime drama and dont expect an action packed crime thriller. DOP , editing and BGM was classy. People who approach theaters solely for entertainment will be disappointed. #amarreview 3.5/5

Feviyan Paulson‏ @feviyanpaulson2

#Ranam Is strickly Avg-Blw avg one, poor story line and execution. Direction also weak. Prithvi as usually good with his looks, expected more Rahman and ashwin kumar.isha talwar worst choice. Overall dissapointed

Siva mohan‏ @siva4mena

#Ranam detroit city and the sets are worth a watch but that isn't enough to be a memorable gangster thriller experience... Though missing several thriller movie elements like pace, dub in certain scenes, decent stories etc.. The visuals and bgm were top notch.. Rating-2.5/5

Ananda Krishnan‏ @itzz_AK

#Ranam Usual gangster movie Slow paced. Making,Bgm,Dop top notch Performance of lead actors was good Not every ones's cup of tea Rating- 3/5

Kumar‏ @kumarchelliah62

#Ranam damn brilliant The first half is filled with breathtaking thrilling moments and keep us on the seats.@PrithviOfficial proved again while the young director proved that he is at a complete new level.Outstanding excellent cinematography makes Ranam one not to miss.ATBtm

Samroodh Muhammed‏ @samroodhsam

#Ranam Full of Disappointments Usual gang war story ..cult slow paced one..Only positive things is Camera works & Fight scenes.A clinche story line with slow paced track so everyone's not gonna like it... Strictly Below Avrgd one..! Cinematography Rated 2/5

Alex George Verghese‏ @oleggs_

#Ranam is one of those movies that Malayalam cinema must remember, same old story for sure. The way it's made? It's just brilliant. Great sound. Amazing music and @PrithviOfficial owned the show! #IshaTalwar has also proved her metal as an actress and not an eye candy for once.

Mohammed Suhail‏ @Suhu_lionheart

RANAM 1st Half Direction & Camera Song & Bgm Slow Pace With Electrifying Scenes. Glimpse Of Good Old Action Hero. Interval Scene So Far... So Good... Waiting For Second Half #Ranam @PrithviOfficial @Poffactio

Rahul Shaji Rj‏ @Rahulrj_offl

#Ranam First Half • Overall below avg. • BGM , Locations , Costumes are only the positive. • Story wise heavily disappointed. • Decent acting by all. • Nothing impressed as hyped.

Visakh Vijayan‏ @VisakhLionheart

#Ranam #RanamDay interval.. Really superb style of film making..Bgm..Music.. Cinematography.. #PrithviRaj stylish waiting for second half...

Morpheus‏ @lionheart_abid

Stylish making, kickass bgm! So far so good. #Ranam Interval

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#Ranam Interval A decent fare so far with good perfos from the lead actors. Terrific BGMs right from the go and Dop The pace of the movie might not cater to all. All rests on how the second half will turn out to be. Fingers crossed #Ranam Kind of an all Style but less of a substance movie. Second half didn't live upto the expectations and the build up. Climax was good but felt the pace was too slow for ones liking On the whole Ranam ends up as an Average Outing. Good Perfos from the lead actors. Top class BGM Dop and super rich production values are the plus. Kudos to Nirmal for the making wish he had a better script to support him Might suit for the multi audiences. Have to wait and see how others accept this one. #Ranam Have to give it to @PrithviOfficial for his vision for experimenting with the way his films are made and the effort that goes behind it A decent to good script to go along with it and we will be in for a treat sooner than later #Ranam

Friday Matinee‏ @VRFridayMatinee

#Ranam - A cliche storyline has been executed here without that much of impact.Music ,DOP and Fights stands out but Director has failed in establishing an imoression for atleast one character.Overall,an Average fare

JEES SEBASTIAN‏ @jeeskonnackal

Nothing more to say, dear @PrithviOfficial , our RAJU yettan you had the key role in this success. And of course director #Nirmal the show was in your hand and @actorrahman as always hats off for your performance. #Jakes_Bejoy I loved your the title song made by you team #Ranam✌

Forum Reelz‏ @Forumreelz

#Ranam First half Its all about the gang wars happening at Detroit city USA. Different style of treatment but slow paced so everyone not gonna like it. Let's wait for second half #RanamDay

Th@l@p@thy sarkar @Kiran1834959643

#ranam interval Prithvi shines in stylish avatar isha talwar play a mature role and rahman as badie is good Good screenplay Good 1st half✌..it has all elements of action love Waiting for second half. #ranam Second half starts slowly with high on emotions and then came into track..climax portions between rahman and prithvi was good..ok climax Good debut for nirmal Isha talwar role is good Verdict. A good watchable movie but couldn't live upto expectations..

Its_trivandrum‏ @itstrivandrum

Simple intro by @PrithviOfficial then Title card Cult slow pace #Ranam @PrithviOfficial Sry to say this First half not that much Dialogues #ranam @PrithviOfficial All the 3 songs so far was lit nice & good #Ranam @PrithviOfficial 2 nd half more convincing so far so good cinematography #Ranam

Kerala Box Office Updates‏ @KeralaBoxOffees

#Ranam Short Review Prithviraj's Simple intro and BGM Locations Story Cinematography Making Songs and decent fare so far with good perfos from the lead actors. Verdict :Nothing impressed as hyped Our Rating 2.75 out of 5✌️ Overall Average one

MoviesToDay‏ @MoviesToday1

#Ranam Above Aaverage Fist Half cinematography #Ranam @PrithviOfficial

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