Ranam Movie Poster

Prithviraj Sukumaran's most anticipated movie of the year 'Ranam' (Detroit Crossing) is hitting the theaters today, September 6. The film directed, by Nirmal Sahadev, has been in the news since the day of its teaser release and this hype will surely reflect in the initial collection. In a recent talk with the media, Nirmal Sahadev had revealed that 'Ranam' is going to the be the biggest cross-over film ever made in Malayalam.

IB Times presents you five reasons to watch Prithviraj's 'Ranam' in theaters.

Prithviraj taking Mollywood to the next level

Prithviraj Sukumaran, the stylish hunk of Mollywood is slowly emerging as the face of the Malayalam film industry in front of global audiences. The actor has been choosy in selecting scripts over the past few years, and many of his films including 'Adam Joan' and 'Ivide' were made with Hollywood standards. The case of 'Ranam' is no different, and the recently released teasers and trailers indicate that this Nirmal Sahadev directorial is a raw movie based on mafia gang wars in Detroit.

Prithviraj Sukumaran has already proved his mettle in delivering powerful English dialogues with perfection, and we have witnessed his versatility in movies like 'Ivide'. As 'Ranam' narrates an action-based story in the backdrop of Detroit, Prithviraj's stylish English dialogue delivery is something to look forward to.

Nirmal Sahadev's uncompromising cinematic language

Even though born in Thrithala, a small village in Palakkad, Nirmal Sahadev completed his graduation from New York Film Academy in filmmaking. The teasers and songs released recently were made with international standards, and the director is expected to show the same magic when the film hits the theaters.

It should be also noted that Nirmal Sahadev was the chief associate director in Shyamaprasad's 'Ivide' which was also exclusively shot in the United States. As Nirmal is Shyamaprasad's disciple, audiences can expect an uncompromising cinematic language in 'Ranam'.

The unquestionable Rahman factor

Rahman was once the heartthrob of the Mollywood audiences, and after a long hiatus, he entered Mollywood with a bang through with Mammootty's 'Black'. Since then, the actor has portrayed various stylish characters and 'Ranam' is expected to be such a film which will showcase Rahman in the sleekiest avatar.

As per reports, Rahman will be seen portraying the role of a mafia don from Tamil Nadu in this movie. The major highlight of this film will undoubtedly be the on-screen chemistry between Prithviraj and Rahman, two Mollywood style icons.

Jakes Bejoy's music

Jakes Bejoy's rap music is another major highlight of 'Ranam'. The theme music of this movie which was released recently has already emerged as a chartbuster, and close sources to the film revealed that the musician has scored some enigmatic background score for this flick.

Stylish locales and action scenes

As mentioned earlier, the movie is exclusively shot in and around Detroit. The teasers indicate that cinematographer Jigme Tenzing has done a neat job in capturing the beauty of Detroit to the fullest. The action scenes also seem top-notch, and it's quality matches with any other Hollywood flick.