Ram Gopal Varma spoke about Amrutha's statement and said that his film Murder will respect her, her husband and father's pain, and lessen it by putting their experience in a contextual retrospective.

Ram Gopal Varma had announced that he would do a movie based on Maruti Rao to get her daughter Amrutha's husband Pranay murdered by contract killers. Two years after his announcement, the director released the first look poster of the film titled Murder and he also revealed the story and the actors, who are playing the lead roles in it.

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal VarmaTwitter

It was a shock for Amrutha, who is traumatised by her running around courts and police stations, facing media, fighting for justice for two years. Now, she had to face another challenge to fight against Ram Gopal Varma, for using our photographs. She released a statement detailing her trauma and she felt like committing suicide after seeing RGV's post. She also made it clear that she is not going to fight against him.

Amrutha's statement created a lot of buzz in the media and many condemned Ram Gopal Varma for causing further trauma with his movie Murder. The director took to his Twitter account to issue a clarification on the film. In a series of tweets, he stated that his flick is based on the information that is public domain for many months. His intention is not to hurt anyone in this film, but to lessen their pain.

Here is Ram Gopal Varma's series of tweets in reply to Amrutha's statement:

Pranay, Amrutha and Maruthi Rao
Pranay, Amrutha and Maruthi RaoTwitter

I wanted to answer to a widely circulated note on the social media claiming to be written by Amrutha, that she felt like committing suicide after she came to know that I am making a film called MURDER based on her and her father's story.

Whether Amrutha wrote it or some jobless over enthusiast wrote it, I felt obligated to respond to it to clarify the concerns in the minds of whoever is needlessly concerned about what I will show in MURDER.

Firstly I clearly mentioned in the poster that MURDER is based on a true story and I did not claim it to be the true story.. The news upon which my film is based upon is in the public domain for years and has been acknowledged by the various people involved.

Ram Gopal Varma launches the first look of his upcoming film Murder
Ram Gopal Varma launches the first look of his upcoming film MurderTwitter

The real photos I used to illustrate my point of MURDER are widely available on the internet and have not been given to me in person or in secret for me to breach someone's trust.

The real story on which MURDER is based upon might be out there in multiple perspectives but my own perspective of it can only be seen only after the film releases and hence its immature to presume its content.

It is always a perspective as in the view of any journalist who reported it or anyone who investigated it or anyone who speculated about it and I as a film maker while making MURDER have a right to give my own understanding of it.

Its foolish to assume that I am going to show someone involved in a negative light because I strongly believe that nobody is bad and only bad circumstances make people look bad or make them behave bad and that's what I intend to explore in MURDER.

My final message to writer of the note whether it's Amrutha or anybody else is I have the highest respect for people who endured a tremendous trauma and my sincerety in MURDER will be to respect that pain and lessen it by putting their experience in a contextual retrospective.