Rakul Preet Singh
Rakul Preet Singh was slut-shamed for the above dress.PR Handout

Rakul Preet Singh has finally opened up about the controversy surrounding her foul language to blast her troll who made an obscene and derogatory comment on the photos posted by the actress on Twitter.

Rakul Preet Singh's latest outing Dev was released in Tamil and Telugu on February 14. In an interview which was a part of the film's promotion, the actress revealed the reason for her obscene comment on the pervert. She said that people like him don't understand soft and sweet language.

"I had posted my picture on my Twitter account. People made a big issue out of it. That day, I reacted like a common girl and not a celebrity. I could have been graceful in my reply, but nobody listens if you plead them not to behave in a particular way. That's why I had to be harsh," Rakul Preet told in the interview.

In the second week of January, Rakul Preet Singh tweeted some photos of her roaming around in Mumbai wearing a short dress. These pictures did not go down well with some of her followers and one of them mocked her by tweeting, "When she forget to wear her pant after the session in car [sic]."

Rakul Preet Singh lost her cool over his response and responded to him in the same obscene way. She wrote, "I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert!! Ask her to give u some sense also besides these session details.. till the time people like this exist women can't be safe .. just debating about equality and safety won't help.. #sickmind [sic]."

But many of Rakul Preet's followers were upset with her choice of words targeting the pervert's mother. They gave her a sharp reaction and trolled her heavily. They said she has every right counter and criticize the pervert, but being a woman, she should not have demeaned another woman. Responding her trolls, the actress defended her choice of words.

Rakul Preet tweeted on January 16, "Well for people questioning my ethics why don't you speak up when women are objectified and I've chosen my words only to make such #sickminds realise that they have a family too and how would they feel if the same is done to them ! I am sure his mother would give him a slap too"