Rakhi Sawant wants to donate her boobs
Rakhi Sawant wants to donate her b**bsRakhi Sawant Instagram

Rakhi Sawant is a Bollywood diva, who makes more headlines for her antics and bizarre remarks rather than her work. The controversial actress has now said that she wants to donate her b**bs.

Yes, you read that right. In an Instagram video, Rakhi stated that she wants to donate her b**bs. The video first starts with her praising people who donate various body organs like eyes, kidney, lungs, etc.

Rakhi added that she was overwhelmed to see that the world has so many good people, and hence she also wants to do something for the society.

"I don't have anything else to donate other than my b**bs. So, I want to donate my b**bs. I don't know who would want to have these. So, let's see who gets these," she said in the video.

A long time ago, Rakhi had admitted that she had undergone a breast enhancement surgery during the start of her career, but in 2010 she claimed that she had got her breast implants removed. However, many still believe that the diva's body is still not fully natural.

Soon scores of comments started pouring in, ridiculing Rakhi's idea of "social service". While many trolled her saying that nobody would want her "plastic" b**bs, many just laughed at her idea.

Watch the video where Rakhi said she wants to donate her b**bs:

It is also a known fact that breast tissues can be donated, and are mostly used in treatment for breast cancer.