Rakhi Sawant posts video to wish Raksha Bandhan
Rakhi Sawant posts video to wish Raksha BandhanRakhi Sawant Instagram video screenshots

Controversial actress Rakhi Sawant posted a "steamy" video on Instagram to wish her fans on Raksha Bandhan.

The video shows Rakhi wrapped in a towel and ready to go for a body steam session. Rakhi is seen entering the steam room holding her phone camera, giving fans a glimpse of the therapy.

She wished fans "Happy Raksha Bandhan" multiple times and the video soon ends after it gets blurry due to the steam. The video received a mixed reaction from fans as some found it adorable, while some others called it a stupid way to wish Raksha Bandhan.

Recently, Rakhi was seen calling her condom brand better than that of Sunny Leone and Bipasha Basu's brands. In an attempt to promote her condom brand, she said that her brand is the best as it is the safest and also gives maximum pleasure.

While Rakhi had made several comments criticising Sunny in the past, she had also apologised to her for all those nasty remarks. Rakhi said that she started feeling positive about Sunny for the hard work she puts in her career and also the decision to adopt a child.

"Earlier I was totally against her because she was a porn star. But now she is in the film industry and she has been working hard. She is learning Hindi and Indian style of dance. She also adopted a child. So, now I feel good about her and I should not abuse her. I feel sorry for all the things I said against her, and now as she is a mother, I should not say anything bad about her," Rakhi said.

Watch video of Rakhi below:

Among many nasty comments, Rakhi had earlier said that Sunny had made it big in the industry by unclothing herself and she was responsible for corrupting people's mindset.