Rakhi Sawant's unrequited love for Abhinav Shukla is the talk of the telly town now. She has been shouting her heart out ever since she joined the show Bigg Boss 14. Despite Abhinav's angst and dismay, Rakhi hasn't shied away from expressing her love openly. She crossed all the boundaries in friendship when she pulled the strings of Abhinva's shorts. From flirting with Abhinav to openly challenging Rubina, she has done it all. Her antics are not appreciated by Rubina and Abhinav.  Even netizens are fuming over this act of Rakhi. 

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi is in a dilemma whether she should save Abhinav or nominate hi

But drama queen Rakhi is unstoppable. In the latest promo video of Bigg Boss 14, we will see Rakhi Sawant will break down in front of Bigg Boss as she has to decide whether to save Abhinav Shukla or nominate him.

As it is Monday, the contestants are supposed to go through the nominations procedure. The contestants are supposed to tear a page of the contestant's name that they don't want to save. Rakhi has an option to save or not to save Abhinav Shukla.

Rakhi will be crying inconsolably as she screams, saying that her heart wishes to save Abhinav, but her mind is saying otherwise. She asserts that Abhinav has insulted her a lot over the Weekend Ka Vaar in front of Salman Khan. But still, her heart doesn't want him to nominate Abhinav. 

Rakhi unable to hold back her emotions says its all. Watch the video below:

Netizens call rakhi's tears as 'nautanki.

Rakhi Sawant
Netizens react
Screenshot of Rakhi Sawant's reactions

Arshi and Devoleena will engage in a verbal war of words

Rahul will be seen taunting Arshi in the new promo. He tells Rakhi Sawant that parents will not ask their kids to be negative but will say, "Beta Arshi Khan mat ban." Arshi lashes out at him and says, "Yeh statement Dega mere character ke upar? Aurat ki izzat karna seekh." (Who is he to give me a character certificate, learn to respect women) Rahul makes faces and teases her and tells her, "Tu bahut badi split personality hai. (You are a split personality ).

Devoleena screams at Arshi saying, ' Tum Ghatiya ho'

Devoleena and Arshi will engage int a heated argument. The two will fight over routine house duties. When Devoleena asks Arshi to chop the vegetables, she says, she isn't there to take orders from anyone. Devoleena lashes out at her and says, "Tumhare gharwale tumhari ghatiya harkatein sehen karte honge. Tum ghatiya ho, ghatiya, Arshi Khan (your parents can handle you with this attitude).

After Arshi asks her to shut up, Devoleena throws the spatula in hand and screams, "Chilla kyun rahi hai. (why are you screaming?).  This leaves everyone shocked, including Arshi.