Rakhi Sawant's unrequited love for Abhinav Shukla is inevitable. She has never shied away from expressing her "true love" for Rubina's husband, Abhinav.

Rakhi often forgets that Abhinav and Rubina are husband and wife. The actor has been quite the entertainer on the show and has left no stone unturned to express her love. In fact, both Abhinav and Rubina Dilaik have been quite sporty about it. However, in tonight's episode, Rakhi will cross all the limits and show Abhinav the crazy side of her love, which certainly won't go down well with the couple.

Rakhi Sawant

In the recent promo, Rakhi Sawant will be seen writing 'I Love Abhinav' in red lipstick all over her body.

Rakhi Sawant unrequited love turns crazy as she writes 'I Love You Abhinav' all over her body

Monday's episode begins with Rakhi Sawant telling Abhinav Shukla, "Apki biwi ko shayad neend nahi aaegi agar mai apke saath bartan dhoun (Maybe, your wife will not be able to sleep if I wash utensils with you)." Rubina Dilaik then responds, saying, "Rakhi! Is tareeke ki baat mat kijiyega (Never say things like this)." 

Rakhi then goes inside the bathroom and comes out with 'I Love Abhinav' written all over her body, in red lipstick. Not only does she openly roam around the house with I love you  Abhinav all over her body, she also has heart emoji's surrounding it. This certainly doesn't go down well with  Abhinav as he looks disgusted and asks, "Ye Kya hai (What is this)?" to which  Rakhi responds, "Mera crazy love hai (This is my crazy love)." 

She further asks,  Abhinav, "Kya feel ho raha hai (What are you feeling)?" An angry Rubina tells Abhinav, "It is cheap entertainment, woh khud kharab dikhengi (She will make herself look bad)," and Rakhi declares, "Ye meri body hai (This is my body)!"

Meanwhile, Rubina tells Abhinav, "She will cross her limits, now do not encourage."

Rubina and Abhinav are disgusted with Rakhi's antics

When Arshi Khan and other housemates try to make her understand that she is going overboard, she tells them that it is her body and decides what to do.

Rubina called this weird act of Rakhi 'cheap entertainment' and even asked Abhinav to stay away and not encourage her. Arshi tells Rakhi that by doing all this, she will push Abhinav away.

On various occasions, Vikas Gupta and other housemates have tried to make Rakhi understand that she is spoiling her game by trying to forge a love connection with Abhinav Shukla.

Colors TV shared the latest promo where Raki Sawant is seen going overboard. They captioned it as "#RakhiSawant ke Pyaar ki deewangi kar Gayi hai Saari haddein paar! Kya yeh layega unke aur #RubiNav ke Dosti mein daraar? @RubiDilaik @ashukla09 (sic)."

 Fans tell Rakhi Sawant, 'Ab Zyada Hogaya'

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

Sonali Phogat evicted 

For the unversed, Sonali Phogat bid a tearful farewell to all housemates who entered the house as a wild card contestant. 

Sonali Phogat evicted

On her eventful journey, she got close to Arshi Khan, Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya. In fact, Sonali also had a soft spot for Aly and admitted that she really liked him. Sonali also had her shares of fights inside the house. Her first big altercation was with Nikki Tamboli when she dropped the food boxes on Nikki Tabmoli's bed. While she shared a good relationship with Arshi, the two had a major showdown when Sonali threw away a huge portion of her uneaten roti inside the bin

Will Abhinav Shulka reciprocate Rakhi Sawant's love? Will Rakhi stop being mad over Abhinav? Comment below and let us know