Haven't we all heard of this term Pati, Patni aur woh, this is exactly what it feels like when we watch Bigg Boss 14. The theme of BB 14 has slowly shifted to Abhinav-Rubina's martial life wherein Rakhi has fallen head over heels in love with a married man. And no Rakhi isn't shying away from expressing it. Her love has broken all the boundaries from writing Abhinav's name on her body with red lipstick, to openly confessing her love on national TV in front of Abhinav's wife, Rubina. If all this isn't enough, Rakhi even pulled the strings of his shorts at one point.

Abhinav Shukla and Salman Khan

They say everything is fair in love and war, and yes, BB is a game show, till the time Rakhi's unrequited love was enjoyable; everyone took it as a pinch of salt. In turn, this has given Rakhi confidence to continue expressing her love for Abhinav openly and making things pretty awkward for Abhinav. In fact, even his wifey Rubina doesn't like it. Abinav too seems to be disgusted. Rakhi's absent behaviour is not even appreciated by fans, like Rubina, they too have started calling Rakhi's love for Abhinava 'cheap entertainment.'

rakhi Sawant pulls strings

Salman Khan supports Rakhi Sawant, Abhinav sobs and wants to go home

Salman Khan who usually schools contestants in BB when they are diverting from the actual game show, in tonight's "weekend ka vaar" he will be seen pulling up Abhinav instead of Rakhi.

Salman says, "Rakhi is ghar ki sabse badi entertainer hain. Uska fayda sabse zyada kisko ho Raha hai (Rakhi is the biggest entertainer in the house, who is benefitting the most from her)?" he asked and when Rubina said, "Pure ghar ko sir (The entire house, sir),"

Salman retorts, "Are you guys right or the rest of the house is right?"

Rubina says, "There is no right and wrong sir." Salman then responds in a firm voice, "There is! Sirf aur Sirf Abhinav ko fayda ho Raha hai. (Only Abhinav has benefitted)." Abhinav quickly folds his hands and says, "Theek hai sir to Mujhe wo fayda bikul nahi chahiye. Haath jod ke sabse samne kehna chahta hoon (Alright sir, I do not want such gains. I fold my hands and want to say that)."

Salman interrupts him and says, "Abhinav, Abhinav. Let me finish Abhinav. You do not need to overreact to things like this. Ulti seedhi baat hoti to hum mudda bana k discuss kar lete. (We would have discussed it had been something wrong)."

Abhinav stands up and says, "He is also seen with tears in his eyes, as Rubina hugs Abhinav.

Salman Khan lashes out at Nikki for insulting others says' bhaad mein jao.'

Salman says "Iss ghar mein shayad hi koi Aisa Hoga ki jiske saath Nikki Tamboli ne bezzati na ki hogi...press ke Saath badtameezi ki...yeh badtameezi entertaining hai? (There is hardly anyone in this house that Nikki Tamboli has not insulted ... be it insulting the press ... you think insulting someone is entertainment?)" Nikki replies "Gusse mein bol deti hoon" (I say mean things while I'm angry). Later, Salman gets irritated and tells her "Bhaadh mei jao" (Go to hell).

Salman asks Nikki Tamboli if she has changed in her second stint inside the house. He says, "Nikki! Kya change aya, aapme. Tujhme. Tu bola hi Nahi ja Raha mujhse. In spite, Jaise ki aap behave kar rahe ho. Mai apse aap kar k baat kar Raha hu. (What are the changes that you have had? I am still speaking to you with respect.)

"Ek baar samajhaya, nahi samajh aya. Dusri baar samjhaya Nahi samaj aya. Teesri baar samjhabya, bhaad mein jao".

(I can explain things to you once or twice but if you cannot understand even after I explained thrice, I do not care)," he said angrily.

 Rakhi-Abhinav -Rubina's Recap

Fans come in support of Abhinav and Rubina.

fans support Abhinav

Vikas Gupta to get eliminated from Salman Khan's show

Contestants Vikas Gupta, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli, are nominated for evictions. As per the latest reports, Vikas has been evicted from the house. Salman Khan announces Vikas as the evicted contestant after coming in the bottom two with Devoleena. However, there is a twist as per the reports Salman reminded Vikas of his Joker Card which he can use and save himself from getting eliminated.

As per Bigg Boss 14 Khabri, Vikas refuses to use his Joker Card and respects the audience's decision. The post read as "Vikas Gupta was the one who received least votes from the public. And Salman announced Vikas as evicted. But then came a twist, Salman Khan reminded him about his joker card and asked him whether he wants to use it and get safe and then another housemate to be evicted.

Salman gives him the option, 'Use joker card to get safe from eviction, and instead of you, Devoleena who is in the bottom will get evicted from the house'. Vikas choose not to use the card and says we need to respect the viewers' mandate, so I get the least votes, so I deserve to be out."

Check out the post below:

Salman is back with Weekend Ka Vaar after a week's gap.

For the unversed,  Salman is back with Weekend Ka Vaar after a week's gap. Last week, the episodes were hosted by Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla.