The Indian entertainment industry witnessed a massive rise in the popularity of web series platforms after the Covid pandemic outbreak. Utilizing this massive opportunity, several OTT platforms known for streaming adult web series too grabbed the attention of audiences in the last three years, and the most noted one among them is Ullu App. 

Ullu App, over the past few years, has gained a massive userbase, and the streaming platform used to release semi-erotic web series in regular intervals. 

Hot web series
Screengrabs from Ullu App

Here's a list of five ultra-hot web series that are currently streaming on the Ullu App.

Rain Basera

Rain Basera's two seasons are now available for streaming on Ullu App. Touted to be one of the hottest web series ever streamed on the streaming platform, it stars Bharti Jha, Hiral, Kailash Vyas, Litesh Pawar and Raj Kapoor in the lead roles. 

"Deepa and Urmi both start to feel emotions that they never felt before. Deepa gets closer to Rohan, as he starts learning the tricks of the trade with her. Whilst, Urmi also starts liking the banter between her and Rakesh, as she starts to develop feelings for him," writes Ullu in the series' description. 


Ullu App has released three seasons of Badan, and this ultra-hot web series, upon its release has received positive responses from audiences. 

The main highlight of this series is the steamy performance of Aayushi Jaiswal. The series showcases a story in the backdrop of blackmailing and sex trading, and it has all the elements needed to satisfy the needs of erotic movie lovers. 


Malai is another hot web series currently streaming on the Ullu App. Directed by SSK, the series stars Ankita Singh in the lead role. 

"Renu Bhabhi is left thirsty for her lover's touch, as her husband is always away at work. To quench her thirst, she stumbles upon some adult videos on her brother-in-law's phone. Which leads to a series of tug of war with her brother-in-law and the mobile to fulfil her long lost touch of love!" the synopsis of the series says. 


Secretary starring Payal Patil in the lead role is another hot web series that is currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

"The guilty pleasure of Ajay and Vinod consist of Vinod every night, narrating a new sexual encounter between his boss and her secretary. This leads to Ajay's heightened fantasies about the secretary, and he requests Vinod to set up a meeting with her. Little does he know what fate awaits him and what the future beholds in the form of the secretary!" the synopsis says. 

This series is loaded with several steamy scenes featuring Patil with her male co-stars. 


One of the latest hot web series that is currently streaming on the Ullu App is Rikshawala. The series stars Manvi Chugh, Dhiraj Kumar, and Jinnie Jaaz in the lead roles. 

The series offers a real treat for semi-erotic series fans, as it has so many intimate scenes featuring the lead actors.