The entertainment landscape in India has witnessed a drastic change post the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. People who considered theaters and concerts as their prime entertainment medium slowly shifted their interests to OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Zee5 during this period. 

This period also witnessed the advent of OTT platforms like the Ullu App that used to stream semi-erotic web series. Within a short period of time, these platforms became popular among Indian audiences, and their erotic series now have a huge audience base. 

Ullu App web series
Screengrabs from Ullu web seriesUllu App

Here's a list of five ultra-hot web series that are currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

Love Guru

Two seasons of Love Guru are now available to watch on Ullu App. The series is loaded with several intimate scenes, sufficient enough to satisfy erotic movie lovers. 

The major highlight of Love Guru season 2 is the scintillating performance of Rajsi Verma. With ample lip locks and steamy scenes, Rajsi Verma, once again proved that she is one of the most popular actresses in the semi-erotic web series industry in India. 


Watchman is another steamy web series that is currently streaming on the Ullu App. The series has three parts, and all these seasons are loaded with bold scenes. 

"The set of fake letters worked well to lure the women of the society into Amit's pretentious arms. All seems rainbows and butterflies for Amit, until the day each women's partners return in their life. Amit's dreamlike perfect life turns into a nightmare when all the women reject him for their respective partners," Ullu wrote in the series' synopsis. 

The series stars Priya Gamre, Arita Paul, Taniya Chaterjee in the lead roles. 

Honey Trap

Another hot web series that caught the attention of the audience is Honey Trap. The series showcases the story of a woman who uses honey to lure the man she wants. 

Honey Trap stars Hiral Radahiya, Ankush Kalyan, Nesha Gupta, and Imran Amir Shaikh in the lead roles. 


Another Ullu App series you should not miss is Walkman. The major highlight of this series is the performance of Ridhima Tiwari. 

With her sensual eyes and romantic mannerisms, Tiwari has proved that she is one of the upcoming stars in the web series industry. 

Farebi Yaar

Farebi Yaar can be considered the boldest web series ever streamed on the Ullu App. Similar to erotic western series, Farebi Yaar has all those classy elements; skin, lust, and romance. 

"In the pursuit of happiness, Sughanda gets involved with Rajat and she starts reaping the utmost benefits of Rajat's bed skills. Rajat starts double dating with Nikhat and Sughanda both. As Sughanda falls in love, she plans to elope with Rajat, but will she be able to get the love of her life, or will she receive the tragedy of her life?" wrote Ullu in the series description.