It was during the time of the Covid pandemic that OTT platforms in India witnessed a massive rise in popularity, as most of the people were confined to their homes. Apart from big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar, a parallel wave of platforms that stream erotic web series also grabbed the eyeballs of the audiences, and one among them is the Ullu App. 

Ullu App is loaded with several steamy web series, and most of them, fortunately, have a decent storyline as well. 

Ullu App
Screengrabs from Ullu App web seriesUllu App

International Business Times, India, presents you with a list of the top five hot web series that are currently streaming on the Ullu App. 


Jaal part I and part II are now available on the Ullu App. The series stars Ramesh Goyal, Ashraf Saifi, Abhi Rizvi, Donna Munshi, Tanya Chaterjee, Harthik Yadav, and Muskaan Agarwal in the lead roles. 

The major highlight of Jaal is the scintillating performance by Muskan Agarwal, and she even has a classic erotic scene in this series. 


Dunali is a web series that offer ample doses of fun, entertainment and erotic content. Glamorous starlet Rekha Mona Sarkar has done a fantabulous job in this series, and her performance in meaty encounters is a real treat to watch. 

Jana Anjane Mein

The fifth edition of the much-celebrated franchise Jane Anjane Mein is back, and this time too, it is Jinnie Jaaz who plays the lead role. As expected, this hot web series is also loaded with several intimate moments that happen within a family. 

"Raj has his eyes on his aunt, Urmila. But cannot openly verbalize his desires. He devices a plan and takes advantage of her while she's asleep. But, little did he know that Urmila has been planning something else for him," writes Ullu in the series' description. 

Chawl House 2

The first season of Chawl House was a massive hit among audiences of the Ullu App. The major highlight of the first edition was the amazing performance of Sneha Paul in intimate scenes. 

In the second season too, the series follows a similar storyline, and we can see Sneha Paul at her peak sensuality. 

Damaad Ji 2

Rajsi Verma is widely considered one of the most sensual actresses in the Indian web series industry. With her steamy curves and sexual expressions, she always succeeds in enthralling the audience.  

Damaad Ji 2 is another web series that will offer a complete treat to the fans of Rajsi Verma

"Ranjana has secured her stay with Mohan for a longer time. Rakesh finds out about their secret affair and blackmails Mohan into having sex with Ranjana. What seemed a gesture of empathy, turns out to be a cunning ploy of events that neither Mohan nor Rakesh could've seen coming," writes Ullu App in the series' description.