The outbreak of the Covid pandemic has played a crucial role in redefining the entertainment sector in India. Before the pandemic, the primary source of entertainment for Indian audiences was television and cinema. However, post the pandemic, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Sony Liv, and Zee5 entered the scene, and they offered rich quality content to the viewers. 

Meanwhile, the same period also witnessed the rise of certain OTT platforms that stream erotic content to the audiences, and one such popular platform is the Ullu App. The app is loaded with several semi-erotic short films and web series, and it makes this platform a perfect choice for viewers who love to see some skin show. 

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International Business Times, India edition presents you with the list of five new erotic web series that currently stream on the Ullu App. 

Chawl House 2

Chawl House 2 is the most anticipated sequel of Chawl House. The prequel was loaded with some intimate scenes featuring Sneha Paul, and the sequel also follows the same route. 

From kissing scenes to meaty sexual encounters, Chawl House 2 has all the necessary elements needed to satisfy erotic movie lovers. 

Maa Devrani, Beti Jethani

Maa Devranim Beti Jethani is the latest addition to the popular Charmsukh franchise. Starring Priya Gamre and Mishti Basu in the lead roles, this hot web series narrates the life of a young woman who gets compelled to accept her mother as her sister-in-law. 

Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash

Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash falls in the Palang Tod franchise. Palang Tod franchise is known for streaming ultra-hot content, and this series is also no different. From intimate liplocks to sensual sex scenes, Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash has all the elements to tickle the romantic chords of viewers. 

The series showcases the life of a young girl who engages in a sexual relationship with an old man, who is actually her boyfriend's father. 

Navel of Love

Navel of Love is another hot web series currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

"Obsessed with women's navels, Debo gets married but never even sees his wife Mouni's face. Ranjit, Debo's elder brother suggests that she should attract Debo using her Navel. But she ends up falling for Ranjeet. This accidental mistake changes everything and Mouni meets a brutal end," writes Ullu in the series' description. 


Majboori is perhaps one of the hottest web series released on the Ullu App in recent times. The major highlight of the series is the performance of Priya Gamre. The actress excelled in both emotional and romantic scenes, which makes this web series the perfect cup of tea for erotic movie lovers.