The Covid pandemic has played a crucial role in elevating the popularity of OTT streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+Hotstar. However, it was during the same period that a parallel stream of OTT services known for erotic content gained popularity in India. Ullu App is one such platform known for streaming ultra-hot adult web series. 

IB Times India presents you with the list of five new adult web series which are now available on the Ullu App. 

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Hot web series screenshotUllu App

Gaon Ki Garmi 2

Gaon Ki Garmi 2 comes under the Palang Tod franchise. The first edition of Gaon Ki Garmi was a surprise hit, and it was loaded with several erotic scenes. When it comes to Gaon Ki Garmi 2, the makers have succeeded in satisfying the needs of adult film lovers. 

Gaon Ki Garmi 2 showcases the story of a middle-aged woman who engages in an unexpected relationship with a young man. The series stars Mahi Kaur, Shabaas Abdullah Badi, Anupam, and Ragi in the lead roles. 

Games of Karma: Chhal

Games of Karma is a franchise known for its strong storyline. Chhal is the new addition to this franchise, and as expected, the series portrayed a story where Karma hits people like a boomerang. 

"Chanchal found herself trapped in a strange loop, where she could not trust anyone. She fights back and gives her best to defeat this demon of time. But when karma plays its game, even the strongest player collapses," wrote Ullu in the series' description. 

The major attraction of Chhal is the spectacular performance of Himani Sharma who portrayed the role of Chanchal. 


Kaneez is a new adult web series that is now streaming on the Ullu App. Unlike the majority of adult web series that lack a strong storyline, Kaneez stands out, as this series will take the audience on an emotional ride. 

The series stars Sudha Chandran, Hemant Chaudhary, Maleeka R Ghai, and Anushka Srivastava in the lead roles. 

Aate Ki Chakki

Aate Ki Chakki is another hot web series currently streaming on the Ullu App. The major highlight of this series is the presence of Jinnie Jaaz and Muskan Agarwal in the star cast. With their scintillating looks filled with lust, these ladies will tickle the romantic chord of audiences for sure. 

"When the love-starved daughters-in-law of the house face tribulations using the manually operated atte ki chakki, their father-in-law gifts them an electric flour mill. Soon the women are drawn to the alternate usage of the vibrating machine to quench their thirst for love. Watch their grinding fantasies taking shape in "Charmsukh - Aate Ki Chakki'!" wrote Ullu App in the series' description. 

Hotspot: Matrimony

This series solely belongs to Jaya Pandey. In this series, the actress did a fantabulous job, and we can undoubtedly call her the most beautiful lady, ever appeared in an Ullu web series

The hot web series portrays the story of a young woman who meets a man through a matrimony site. Without knowing his evil intentions, she became intimately attached to him.