The entertainment industry in India witnessed a drastic transition in 2020, as theaters in the country remained closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was during this period that OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar gained massive popularity in the country. Apart from these big players, a parallel stream of OTT platforms also gained the attention of viewers, and it includes the much popular Ullu App. 

Ullu App is known for streaming web series, and most of them have erotic content. Here's a list of five web series that are currently available for streaming on the Ullu App. 

Ullu App
Screenshots from hot web seriesUllu App

Riti Riwaj: Mann-Marzi

Riti Riwaj: Mann-Marzi is a new web series that is currently streaming on the Ullu App. The series narrates the story of sexual liberation where women get the chance to choose a man for physical needs when their husband is not available. The series is loaded with several intimate scenes featuring its lead stars Gehna Vashisht, Priya Mishra, and Dakshit Bharadwaj. 


Dunali is a comedy web series, but this show also has its share of erotic content. The series has several funny moments that could tickle the audience, and each episode also has some intimate scenes. 

The series stars Shubham Deorukhar, Prerna Singh, Nehal Vadolia, and Babul Bhavesar in the lead roles. 


Halala is one of the most well-made web series currently available for streaming on the Ullu App. The series cannot be considered a mere erotic show, but it is a well-made artwork with a good storyline. 

Halala stars Shafaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz Khan, Neelima Azeem and Deepika Singh Goyal in the lead roles. 


Roleplay is a steamy web series starring Divya Burman, Aakash, and Satyajeet in the lead roles. A 21-minute short film, Roleplay has all the elements needed to quench the thirst of erotic movie lovers. 

Palang Tod: Kirayedaar

Palang Tod franchise has a huge fan following among users of the Ullu App, and the latest addition to it is Kirayedaar. As expected, this web series also comes with several intimate scenes, and it showcases an unusual story of lust and desire within a home. 

This series, currently streaming on the Ullu App stars Pamela Mondal, Ram Awana, and Hina Khan in the lead roles.