As the second wave of coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in India, people in the country are confined to their homes, and their only possible destinations of entertainment are television channels and OTT platforms.  In the meantime, the coronavirus pandemic has also elevated the popularity of adult streaming platforms like Ullu in India. 

IB Times, India edition presents you with the list of five ultra-hot web series that can be streamed on the Ullu App. 

Screenshots from various web seriesUllu App

Charmsukh: Pyaas 

Pyaas is one of the hottest short films available on the Ullu App. This short film stars Shivam Khajuria, Babita Anant, Khwahish Matthew, Puja Mukherjee in the lead roles, and it is loaded with numerous liplocks and bedroom scenes. 

The short film revolves around the life of a woman who explores new ways to fulfill her desires. However, her ultimate quest for seduction and pleasure creates problems in the life of her sister-in-law. 

Degree Wala Teacher

Degree Wala Teacher portrays the story of a young girl who is struggling to pass her degree examinations. As the girl fails to procure sufficient marks, her father reveals that he will make her marry a man if she is not performing well in the examination. To escape from that situation, she decides to take private tuitions from a professor. However, things turn upside down when the professor starts showing his lust-filled desires. 

This short film, available on the Ullu App stars Priya Sachan, Anwar Fatehan, Abhay G Shankar, Mahima Gupta in the lead roles. 


Julie is another hot web series that is currently available on the Ullu App. The web series showcases the life of a young woman whose journey suddenly witnesses a series of mysterious incidents when a psycho lover chases her persistently. 

The series stars Aman Verma, Nehal Vadoliya, and Ajit Jha in the lead roles, and it offers ample skin show to the audiences. 

Wanna Have a Good Time

Wanna Have a Good Time is an erotic web series that stars Flora Saini, Manish Raisinghan, and Dhiraj Rai in the lead roles.

The series revolves around the life of Shilpa, a young woman who goes on a vacation to her maternal home. In her absence, her husband calls for a prostitute to have a sexual encounter. However, the prostitute who visited her shared eerie facial similarities with his wife. 

Charmsukh: Aate Ki Chakki

Aate Ki Chakki is a new steamy web series available on the Ullu App. The series showcases the story of a woman who uses an electric flour mill for her sexual pleasure. 

Aate Ki Chakki stars Jinnie Jaaz, and Muskaan Agarwal in the lead roles. The first episode of the series is loaded with several intimate scenes, and audiences are now eagerly waiting for part 2.