The pandemic outbreak which happened in India during the initial months of 2020 played a crucial role in changing the entertainment landscape of the nation. Several OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5, Disney+Hotstar and Sony Live became the choice of entertainment among moviegoers, and people became exposed to international movies during the same period. 

During the same period, a stream of parallel OTT platforms known for streaming semi-erotic content too gained the attention of film lovers, and one among them is Ullu App. 

hot web series
Screengrabs from Ullu web seriesUllu App

International Business Times, India edition, presents you with the list of the top five new adult web series which are currently streaming on the Ullu App. 


Doraha is the latest web series which is currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

The web series narrates the story of a young woman who engages in a sexual affair with her brother-in-law after her husband absconds after their first night. 

The series is loaded with several intimate scenes sufficient enough to meet the needs of erotic movie lovers. 

Love Guru

Two seasons of Love Guru are now available on Ullu App now. 

"Mr. Mohan has fallen truly, madly and deeply in love with Sonali, but he lacks the charms and appeal to win her heart. With the help of Love Guru, who gives wooing advice and ideas to Mr. Mohan, he starts approaching Sonali and after learning the tricks of the trade, he finally gets the woman of her dreams," writes Ullu in the description of this hot web series. 

The major highlight of Love Guru is the scintillating performance of Jinnie Jaaz. The supporting star cast includes, Muskaan Agarwal and Shuman Das. 


Dil-Do is another hot web series which is currently available to watch on Ullu App. 

The series has an ensemble star cast which includes, Priya Gamre, Tanya Chatterjee, and Vihaan Kapoor. 

The series showcases the life of a woman who becomes a sex toy tester after her husband's death. 


The third season of Siskiyaan is now streaming on Ullu App. 

Loaded with several intimate scenes, the series is offering a real treat to people who love adult web series. 


Jabran is one of the most violent web series available on the Ullu App. 

Amid all these violent scenes, the makers have never compromised on including intimate scenes in the series, and there is ample skin show throughout the show.