KL Rahul has recently revealed on BCCI's official website how the Australian crowd bullied him at Melbourne during his India Test debut in 2014, Down Under.

Rahul, who has been struggling to score runs of late, was part of a video shot by the BCCI along with teammates Dinesh Karthik and Washington Sundar where he recounted the incident.

The trio was seen enjoying a 'cheat meal' of pancakes at an eatery in Brisbane where Karthik asked Rahul about his debut in Australia.

Rahul, who also made his India A debut in Australia, went on to narrate an incident from his first Test match in Melbourne saying that the crowd was extremely partisan.

"The crowd's really against us when we play. They love their cricket but they're gonna make our lives hard on the ground. That is why cricket in Australia is so exciting," Rahul said.

He went on to recollect his first impression of the expansive ground that is the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

KL Rahul
Rahul has not been among the runs in 2018Gareth Copley/Getty Images

"When I played my first Test in Melbourne, you know how huge the Melbourne field is, so I was standing in deep square leg and I couldn't even see – Mahi bhai was the captain then, he was trying to move me – I couldn't even see him because in the background you cannot pick it up as it is so far."

Rahul added that the Australian fans seated near one of the boundaries started bullying him.

"I went to deep square leg boundary. Then one of the guys from the crowd said, 'Mate what's your name?'

"Because I was playing my first match they didn't know who I was, I said 'Rahul' and they said hello and all."

Rahul continued saying, "In ten seconds the whole section goes, 'Rahul is a w*nker! Rahul is a w*nker!'"

KL Rahul
Rahul is expected to open India's batting in the first Test.IANS

Rahul went on to say that perhaps the people do not mean what they say all the time and even if they do, he enjoys the intensity that the crowds in Australia bring to the cricket matches.

"This is what I enjoy about Australia and their crowds and how they get so involved and then they go after the players."

Rahul is part of India's Test squad that begins its four-match journey at Adelaide on December 6.