Actor-turned-director Rahul Ravindran has spilled the beans on his dream project. In an interview, the Manmadhudu 2 helmer said that he wants to bring Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan together in the movie.

After acting in 15 movies, Rahul Ravindran turned a director with 2018's Telugu film Chi La Sow, which was hit at the box office. He directed senior actor Akkineni Nagarjuna in Manmadhudu 2. He had pinned a lot of hopes on the project, but it bombed at the ticket counters incurring losses to its makers and distributors. It has been over 8 months after its release. He is yet to announce his next film.

Rahul Ravindran
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Talking about the failure of Manmadhudu 2, Rahul Ravindran told 123Telugu, "I clearly know that this was a great chance for me to make it big. But things went wrong. I don't want to pinpoint that this or that went wrong. I only feel that a majority of the audience did not like it and that is what bothered me. But the film made 11 crore and for the bad talk it had, that was a lot."

The failure of Manmadhudu 2 took a toll on Rahul Ravindran, as he struggled to come out of the depression for months. He said, "It took me five months to just start writing a new script." But he is all praises for Akkineni Nagarjuna for his support and encouragement after the film failed at the box office.

Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan
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Rahul Ravindran said, "Nag sir has been a sweetheart from the beginning and supported me a lot. He also called me days after the film's release and appreciated my work ad said that it was a team effort and sometimes the audience doesn't like what they felt is right and there is nothing to get so bogged down. The best thing was when he told "Don't let one Friday spoil your career. Fight and get back.""

When asked about his dream project, Rahul Ravindran evinced his interest to direct Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan. He told, "Ever since I became a director, my big dream is to direct Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh together in a film. I know it is not that easy but would love to do a different kind of a film with them."