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Pop singer Rabi Pirzada sported a suicide bomber look and trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the hashtag #ModiHitler. Angry Indians mocking her saying she looks cool in Pakistan's traditional outfit.

Rabi Pirzada grabbed headlines in the international media immediately after she trolled Narendra Modi in snake charmer's getup and called him Modi Hitler. She released a series of videos, in which she told that she would mention about Kashmir issue in each of her concerts. She assured to keep her movement until the UNO wakes up and come forward to save the people of Kashmir.

Besides the videos, Rabi Pirzada tweeted on October 21, "I hate when anyone dies, its like humanity dies, but they actually tested limits of cruelty on indian occupied Kashmir. I hope #modihitler stops using these people for his evil motives.#chotisibaat #kashmirkibeti."

Later, Rabi Pirzada added, "Well well, may we ask why r u guys silent on Indian occupied kashmir curfew, such double standards. #modihitler is beyond any logic or humanity and u r acting like puppets ‍♀️."

Today, Rabi Pirzada, who is the daughter of a former Pakistani army officer Major Humayun Pirzada, tweeted a photo featuring her in suicide bomber avatar. She also said that every Kashmiri would follow her footsteps, if the UN fails to mediate the issue. The singer tweeted, "Ultimately, this will be the same path with the Kashmiri siblings. When the UN mediation fails."

Many Indians are upset and furious over Rabi Pirzada's Twitter rant against Narendra Modi with some of them blasting her in reply to her posts. A few of them mocked her, saying that the dress she is wearing in the photo, is the traditional outfit of Pakistan and she looks adorable in the suicide bomber's avatar.

Here is how Indians replied to Rabi Pirzada's controversial Twitter post:

Goutam sarkar @digantasarkar_

We all know that's your National Dress .

JAYGODARA7 @godara_jay

Pakistani National dress code

Your Average Joe @YourAverageJo19

traditional Pakistani men's attire. I give you 9/11 Boom

Kannan Ganesan @pudugaipuyal

Ware wah you're adorable in the traditional outfit

Ravikant yadav @RbindanaYadav

Its your national dress...Keep entertaining

Raut @bh_raut

National attire of 73rd hoor


ha ha ha , world people can see, this type dress can develop by only pakistan. Kashmiri people safe in india, and they dont want safety like this, This type of safety required by only pakistani peoples.

Ankit sharma @ankitsh66258736

'wow, आप पारंपरिक पाकिस्तानी पोशाक में कमाल की लग रही हैं'

indian @The_real_fightr

National dress of Pakistan

Ali hassan @hassanpansota

Pehli bar dekha ha bomb ne bomb bandha hua ha