Over the years, Bollywood has caught glimpses of several attractive hunks. Like fine wine and denim that gets better with age, some actors enhance their looks to new heights even as they get older.

Despite the fact that newcomers to Bollywood have been making perfect fashion statements, people over 50 are just as stylish. The most talented men in Bollywood are aging like fine wine. In fact, they fiercely compete with the younger generation when it comes to choosing powerful characters or fashionable attire.

Bollywood actors
R Madhavan (Left), Anil Kapoor (Right)YouTube

From R Madhavan to Anil Kapoor, here are the five actors who give tough competition to the youngsters.

R Madhavan

R Madhavan, affectionately called "Maddy," is redefining the word "fine wine." He appears genuine and relatable, from his looks to his mannerisms. Madhavan has reimagined the concept of maturing like a fine wine, offering a welcome break from the recent trend of actors trying to become younger artificially.

Suniel Shetty

There was a time when people mocked his dance in his movies. Time changes, but some people don't! Look at him!! He is nearly 60 and is aging like a fine wine. The yesteryear actor is pinching the burden of being the only 90s gentleman to have aged elegantly.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has aged like a fine wine since his entry into Bollywood. He manages to make everyone talk about him with his versatility and oh-no! stunning looks. How he is getting younger by each day is still a secret to be revealed by the actor himself.

Saif Ali Khan

Can you believe that Saif Ali Khan is a father of a 26-year-old daughter? The 50-year-old actor doesn't look a day older than 30. He works hard and follows a strict no-sugar and no-carb diet to maintain his body. He still attracts us with his charm and elegance.

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor has the answers for anyone who wants to know how to age with elegance. He is forever the young Anil Kapoor in Mr India. Fans adore the actor's enthusiasm, even at this advanced age, whether it is for his style or fitness. When Anil Kapoor comes with a sharp suit and his trademark hairstyle, even young stars will face tight competition.