As there are no signs of coronavirus retreating, the lockdown may get extended again and for some, being stuck in isolation might to be tough.

Since the coping with isolation may not be easy, here are some of the best movies that will motivate while you are in isolation waiting to get things normal.



Ryan Reynolds is stuck in a coffin and has no clue about it. The only companions are phone and lighter knowing both will not last longer. Given the limited time, Reynolds has escape from the box and find out the reason why he landed in the box. Watch the film to know whether Reynolds made it or not.



Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are stuck inside a Lighthouse playing as drunkards. As there is no escape the film touches the issue of toxic masculinity and how isolation can create monster out it. Do Pattinson and Dafoe survive from each other?


Cast Away

Tom Hanks is an FedEx employee stranded on an isolated island after his plane goes down. With no one on the island, Hanks only has volleyball with him and later paints a face on the ball naming it Wilson. Hanks has regualr conversations with Wilson, sometimes arguing with it. Will Hanks return to his wife and family, Watch this movie with Hanks nailing it with his acting performance.

Tom Hanks
Tom HanksReuters


127 Hours

Aron Ralston (James Franco) goes on hiking at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. While continuing through the slot canyon in the Bluejohn Canyon, he slips and falls knocking over a boulder that crushes his right hand and his wrist against the wall. With no one around him Aron is stuck and struggle to make hinself free. The isolation brings him the memories of family his former girlfriend which we can easilt relate to as how we missing our near and dear ones. Watch this movie to know how Aron survived this toughest time.


Todd Haynes' 1995 masterpiece isolates the fragile, affluent homemaker of Julianne Moore in a bubble of her own fear and anxiety, brought on by a continually growing range of allergies. Does her illness derive from within? Will it repair itself or make matters worse? In the times of coronavirus everyone can relate with the film.