PUBG Mobile players eagerly waiting for a new update can finally head over to Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download the latest changes. Weighing in about 1.5GB, PUBG Mobile 0.10 update adds the much-awaited Vikendi map to the game, adding refreshing gameplay for players in addition to Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.

PUBG's Vikendi is a snow map that is nothing like the lush landscapes of Sanhok or Erangel and the deserts of Miramar. The challenges of playing in Vikendi are different as the white snowy background gives away your position more easily if not dressed in white. But accepting the challenge is part of the game and here are some tips that could help you land that "Chicken Dinner" (hopefully not chilled like the map).

The sacred tip in PUBG Mobile is to land the best gear, from Level 3 armours (vests and helmets included) to best weapons to defend yourself till the end. But finding the best loot entirely depends on the location you choose to land. Like Pochinki is famous in Erangel and Boot Camp attracts a lot of players in Sanhok, Vikendi snow map has its own top destinations.

Before we list out the best looting spots in Vikendi, players must know that the map is comparatively bigger than Erangel and smaller than Miramar measuring at 6x6 km. The interesting snow landscape will help you spot your enemies quite easily, but it also works against you when someone else is trying to snipe you.

PUBG Mobile is getting Vikendi snow map
PUBG Mobile is getting Vikendi snow mapTwitter/PUBG

The pro tip is usually to land in the best loot location which falls in the plane's trajectory not exceeding more than 600m, but you need to be prepared for some real action. If your defense and attack aren't strong, you can land farther and strategize your gameplay when you have the best gears. Now let us list the best loot locations in Vikendi to find that best armour and weaponry.


Castle in Vikendi map is as popular as Pochinki in Erangel or Hacienda in Miramar. It attracts a lot of players for one reason alone – the best loot and solid defense to whoever lands first. The peninsula nature of the location makes it a great combat zone with just one main entry point. If you've managed to get the best gear, which depends on whether the flight path crosses Castle, you can find a spot in one of the towers to snipe your opponents.


There's not always just one good location in PUBG maps. Goroka is the place to be if you'd like to get all your weapon needs fulfilled in one place, but by going from one house to another. Goroka is a large town with closely-packed houses with very good loot, but the overlooking hill nearby serves as a sniping point so stay clear of outdoors.

PUBG Vikendi Map
PUBG Vikendi MapPUBG


You cannot miss this spot. The massive complex offers some decent loot if you have the stamina to run quickly. But the most interesting bit here is the underground area, which is safe to loot as there is no threat from snipers in the nearby hills. There are some high advantage points if you managed to get that precious sniper rifle and scope.

Dobro Mesto

Dobro Mesto is a well-packed destination when the flight path crosses it. Players can surely land some good gears, weapons and throwables before exiting the location to the center of the circle. Put this place on your favourite list if you long for that level-3 gear.

But if you want some safety from the action, there are shacks to the south of Dobro Mesto. Do check it out.


Like Dobro Mesto, Volnova is a packed landing spot to find the best loot as long as it falls in the flight's path. Even if it doesn't, Volnova offers some good loot which won't leave you disappointed. The area is quite big with many places to explore and you'll surely find enough supplies to fill that level-2 backpack.


Adjacent to Volnova is Cantra, another hot spot for finding decent loot and some good gears if falls in the flight's path. If you see a lot of players heading towards Volnova and you'd like some safe start, Cantra can serve you rightly.