PUBG Mobile players' excitement has been hard to contain after the recent 0.10.0 update, which brought the much-awaited Vikendi snow map to the game. But with it came series of bugs and glitches that have been causing lag and latency while gaming, which is one of the most annoying things to experience in an online game.

Thankfully, a new update is arriving as early as this month, which will finally put an end to all the troubles (fingers crossed). But not just that, PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 will also introduce several new things that will make millions of players jump in joy.

Being able to play PUBG Mobile without any lags or latency is exciting news in itself. And then having new modes, weapons, vehicles and features are just icing on the cake. While PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Games hasn't commented on the upcoming update 0.10.5 coming to Android and iOS devices anytime soon, the report by PUBGgamers offers a peek at the complete changelog.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update is going to bring the much-needed Vikendi Stable Map, which is currently in beta phase. As most players must have experience, Vikendi in its current beta stage isn't perfect, but Tencent has done a decent job at delivering as much as it can in a beta map. The gaming experience is easily marred by the lags and latency in the map, which could be improved with the stable map release.

PUBG Mobile, Vikendi Snow map, costume, 0.10.0 update
Tencent Games has added new matching costume for PUBG Mobile players to play on Vikendi snow mission.PlayerUnknow/Twitter (screen-grab)

In addition to that, Vikendi map is going to get new weather changes, which will bring the challenging Night Mode alongside Day and Snow weather. The update will also introduce a new feature in Vikendi map that will allow players to see footprints, making it easier to track enemies and get tracked by opponents just as easily. Finally, the changelog says there will be a multi-purpose snow bike to help riders chase down enemies quickly and it's unclear how different it is from the one we've already seen in Vikendi map.

Other major changes include the introduction of new weapons. PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update will add two SMGs and one AR rifle into the loot. The G36C and PP-19 Bizon SMG guns will be found in the game and all-new Mk47 Mutant assault rifle will also be introduced. While the SMGs could either use 9mm or 0.45 ammos, the Mk47 will share the same bullets as the AKM – 7.62mm, and also have a new Laser Sight attachment for better hip-fire accuracy.

PUBG Mobile's latest update could also introduce FPP driving mode and a new tuk-tuk (Tukshai) vehicle, which many Indians might know as a rickshaw.

Topping all these additions, rumours suggest PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode might finally be coming to the game, something that has excited players in the past. In this new mode, players will be able to pick any weapons to kill zombies, which will only use their quantity to the advantage in trying to kill you and your squad. We are still not certain about the zombie mode, but it will be interesting to see it in the game considering the game's rising popularity in the e-sports and online gaming arena.